The Church is filled with people just like you—those who have stories and questions, struggles and triumphs, relationships and conflicts, and altogether busy lives. We’re here to meet you right where you are and help you take a step further in your faith and a step closer to Jesus.

We were never meant to live life alone. No matter where you are in your walk with God, we’d love to help you to find community, care, and (spiritual) growth at The Bible Chapel.

Small Group registration for the 2024-2025 Ministry Year will open in September!


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Our vision is to have gospel-centered small groups where people are growing in relationship with God and others.


Why should I be in a Small Group?

The overarching reason is to grow in relationship with God and others. Additionally, see below our “ABC” response to this question:


To foster greater connection, care, and unity within our church family. Small Groups are a great place to connect with others, care for one another when the storms of life hit, and grow deeper in your relationship with other believers. Remember that it is not all about what we get out of a Small Group, but, what we get is a blessing indeed.

We see the early Church demonstrated life-on-life community. See Acts 2:42-47. Also, Jesus prayed to the father that we would love each other in such a way that the world would see it and believe in him. See John 17:20-21. 

To help us combat the enemy’s attempts to isolate and destroy us. We need each other. See Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.


To be in community the way God intended it and displays it throughout Scripture. Small Group interaction is taught throughout Scripture – Old Testament and New.

To follow Jesus’ example. Jesus modeled Small Groups with his 12 disciples and an even closer inner circle of a few.

There are 50+ “one another” passages throughout the Bible.


It helps us achieve our mission to develop followers of Jesus Christ. Develop meaning bringing into reality (outreach) or making stronger (discipleship). Wherever people are in their relationship with the Christ, we want to help them take a step closer to him.  

To be obedient to Jesus’ command to disciple others. See Matthew 28:18-20. We think Small Groups are the ideal environment to find and foster discipleship relationships.

To pursue spiritual transformation and help others towards it. Small Groups provide a great place for life transformation. We are wired to change when we confide in others and ask for intercession, accountability, and forgiveness when we fail. See Proverbs 27:17.

What is a Small Group at The Bible Chapel like?

Our Small Groups are made up of people just like you who meet regularly in groups of 4-12 to dive into God’s word together, make time to worship and pray together, and continually lift each other’s eyes to the one who truly transforms us, Jesus Christ. They’re little communities within our church where you will be challenged to discover and use your God-given gifts to serve him and others, as well as be encouraged and encourage others in your group to take the gospel OUT of your group to the world around you.


What are the different types of Small Groups available at The Bible Chapel?

We have two types of Small Groups you can join:

  • Community Groups are relationship-building groups that meet to work out how to apply Sunday’s message through five discussion questions, prayer and encouragement. You can join an open Community Group at any time throughout the year. They are your easy on-ramp to finding community here at TBC.
  • Core Groups are discipleship-focused groups that come together to pursue spiritual transformation as they venture through biblically rich curriculum. Core Groups launch each fall and are closed for one year. Find others looking to go and grow deeper in a Core Group at TBC.

Both types of groups are made up of approximately 4-12 people who come together to grow in their relationship with God and others while living out our five values of word, worship, connect, serve, and share.

What if I can’t be in a group every week?

We understand that various stages of life are busier than others. We have Small Groups that meet weekly, bi-weekly, and twice a month. We suggest finding a group on a day/time that you can commit to attending most regularly.

Will I have to talk in a Small Group or can I join and listen in only?

Small Groups are a safe place for members to both attentively listen and contribute to the group discussion. Nobody will be forced to talk or pray out loud – but as you feel more connected with the group members, we hope you will open up and become an active participant in the group discussion.

Will I be expected to be connected to one group forever?

No. Our Small Groups are one-year groups - with the option to recommit to another Small Group each fall. 

Why are groups for one-year only?

Here are a few reasons why groups should be for “one-year” and then multiply:

  • We are about doing Christian life with other believers and discipleship, we are not about forging cliques  
  • Gives you the opportunity to meet new people to disciple/be discipled by
  • Provides an opportunity for multiplication – of new groups and new leaders
  • One year is a manageable time commitment for most people
  • Opens more seats for newer people to get involved
  • Lets you be challenged/encouraged by (and challenge/encourage) a variety of people year after year
  • Allows those looking for an “out” to make a clean break away from the group
  • Aids in avoiding leader burnout through a healthy, yearly checkpoint

Can my Small Group stay together longer than one year if we are really getting along and connecting?

As we approach the end of the Small Group year, your leader will be discussing with you how your group may evolve for the next year. Some in your group may sign-up under the same leader, and some may sign-up for a new leader’s group. If there is some portion of a Small Group that continues together after the one-year timeframe, this is ok. Just know, your group will likely not look the same year-over-year – and we celebrate this fact! We celebrate when the Lord multiplies our Small Groups and leaders – making space to welcome new people into community, as well as allowing for growth through new relationships and dynamics. All of that said, you of course can continue in friendship with people who you’ve been a part of a Small Group with!

What is the time commitment of a Small Group?

Groups meet at least twice each month, generally for two hours at each meeting; however, we desire to see groups going beyond meeting to living in sacrificial community with one another.

Do I have to attend the Bible Chapel to join a Small Group?

Our Small Groups are primarily for Bible Chapel members and attendees to grow in their relationship with God and one another – a place where our five church values of Word, Worship, Connect, Serve, and Share are lived out in community.

If you do not attend The Bible Chapel but are interested in learning more about who we are as a church - or ways to get connected - we invite you to 1) attend any weekend service and stop by Starting Point to meet a member of our Connections Team and/or 2) come to Discover TBC – our monthly event where you will learn more about our church, ways to get involved, and meet some of our staff/pastoral team! Register for Discover TBC here. We're excited to meet you wherever you are in your life, and whatever your faith experience has been.

How many people can be in a Small Group?

We want groups to be small – anywhere from 4-12 we think is the sweet spot. We model this after Jesus – who himself had a small group of 12 disciples – and an even closer inner circle of a few.  

What if my friend - who is new to the church - wants to join my closed Core Group because I’m the only person they know?

It takes time to build relational trust and intimacy, which is why our Core Groups are closed for one year. With that, there are alternative options to consider and offer to your friend:

  • Invite them to a Community Group and attend with them.
  • Encourage your friend to begin on our Growth Track – first by attending Discover TBC (where they will meet other new people), then get plugged into Living Grounded, etc. Learn more about our Growth Track here.
  • Invite your friend to sign-up for a Core Group with you when new groups launch the following Fall.

If your friend would like assistance in getting connected, we would love to come alongside them. Please email [email protected].


What do Small Groups study?

Our Community Groups walk through five discussion questions based on the message given the weekend prior. Our Core Groups utilize a variety of biblically rich curriculum, which has been vetted and approved by a Pastor and/or Elder.

Who leads these Small Groups?

We look for leaders who understand and believe in the vision of Small Groups at TBC, as well as meet certain criteria set forth by biblical standards. We equip all our leaders with training, coaching, and ongoing support. We also have a Shepherding structure where each Leader is assigned to a Shepherd who coaches and supports them throughout the year.

How do I pick the “right” Small Group?

We encourage you to join a group that you can most regularly attend. If you’d like help in finding a group, please email [email protected].

How do I join a Small Group?

The process to join a Small Group is simple. Visit biblechapel.org/smallgroups and click the “Join a Group” button. If you have any questions or would like help along the way, please email [email protected].


Can I join more than one Small Group?

We recommend joining one Small Group to be a part of per year; however, if you can make the commitment to live out sacrificial community and our five values in more than one group, we do not prohibit it.

Where will these Small Groups meet?

Where the group meets is up to the group/group leader’s discretion – but we recommend groups to meet in their homes/communities (see Acts 20:20 direction to meet together publicly and in homes) – whether that is in the leader’s home, a host’s home, or you rotate through each other’s homes.

What about childcare?

Each Small Group has different childcare needs (ages, number of kids, etc), and considerations (size of home, babysitter access, budget constraints, etc). As such, the best childcare solution is not a one-size-fits-all for all. We provide every leader with strategies around navigating the childcare needs for their group – as the best solution will differ group to group. See some suggestions here.


Why Small Groups and not a Bible study?

Great news – Bible study occurs in all of our Small Groups at The Bible Chapel! In addition to studying the bible...fellowship, confession, repentance, application, accountability, encouragement, prayer, care (and more) are all beneficial elements of Small Groups.

Do Small Groups meet over the summer?

Yes. We know that many travel during the summer, so some of our groups may scale back to bi-weekly or twice a month in their group’s busier travel months.

Health status questions in Small Groups

To provide a safe and healthy environment for Small Groups, please click here for The Bible Chapel Health Guidelines.

As you interact with your group, we ask you to refrain from any discussion regarding an individual/families medical history/choices, as it is a personal preference and can create division and dissension among your group.

The health and safety of our church continue to be a priority, so we encourage anyone with concerns or comorbidities to join one of our online group options.


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