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Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 3

Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 3

Mar 09 9:16 AM
Mar 09 9:16 AM


Day Three in Hungary 

Today was a busy day for all of us. Using the training we learned from today, we separated into our teams and entered the schools. 

There, we taught an English class to the students who are learning English. We started with a quick introduction of ourselves, then followed with a game where the prizes were Reese’s cups. (a very envied reward in Hungary as they do not have peanut butter) Once the game was over, we did a short lesson with the students. After, we had the children separate into small groups, where we were able to connect and interact with the children. The children were really excited we were there and we were able to invite them to the church event Friday, which interested many of them. 

It was a long day for us, but we could already see how God is using this part of the ministry. 


We all had a lot of fun memories (and some challenging) today, but for this not to be a couple of books long, we each narrowed down one of our favorites. For Jonathan, he would have to choose when he was able to talk to the chaplain at one of the schools, a Christian himself. The chaplain was asking questions on how he could better reach his students with the gospel and how he could disciple the ones that are Christians already. That allowed Jonathan to be able to have a conversation encouraging and giving him advice on how to help him. For Meagan, something she enjoyed today, was how excited the teachers and students both were to have them come to their school. The students even brought them Hungarian candy and made pins as a thank you. Amber, although she said she did not succeed, enjoyed trying to pronounce some of the Hungarian words with the children. She said this helped the children not feel as insecure about speaking English, even though they struggled. For Matthew, he was able to help motivate and encourage the students to pursue the careers they want to follow after high school and helped them set goals on how to reach them. He especially liked the fact that he was able to talk to a student who was interested in going to college for animation, which is also what he is majoring in college right now. If I (Emmy) had to pick something that I particularly had fun with today, I would pick the small group discussions. There, I was able to learn more about these students’ lives and the differences between our cultures. 

Although we are all exhausted, and will probably have an early bedtime tonight, we couldn’t be more excited and encouraged for what we can see God doing in Hungary and can’t wait to see what else He does. 

Please continue to pray for the students we met today and that they will show up on Friday. Please also pray for us as we go back into the schools around Hungary tomorrow. 

The Hungarian word of the day is “köszönöm” which means “thank you.” 

*Because of child photography laws, we were not able to take any pictures in the schools today…so enjoy some of the beautiful sights we saw on our walk back to our hotel tonight.* :) 

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