In the preschool years, children develop the values, character, and attitude that will take them through school and through life. At Tender Shepherd Preschool, we give your children the best possible start by nurturing in them a love of learning, a love for others, and above all, a love for Jesus.

Our goal is to help children develop in the following ways:

  • Physically: Children gain small and large motor skills by playing outside in our brand-new playground, inside in the gym, and throughout our well-equipped classrooms.
  • Cognitively: Through activities that encourage creativity, imagination, and invention, children become problem solvers who think outside the box.
  • Spiritually: With Bible lessons integrated into each learning unit, children learn who God is, the blessings he gives us, the promises he keeps, and how we can serve him by serving others.
  • Emotionally: We help children transition from home into a group environment and lay a foundation for their security and confidence by teaching them that God loves them unconditionally.
  • Socially: Through group activities where we listen, share, and work together, children practice being a friend, making friends, and resolving conflicts.
  • Linguistically: Children learn to express their ideas and questions verbally through stories, music, and conversation. We also encourage a lifelong love of reading through a partnership with our local library.


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Pay Your Tuition

If your child is enrolled at Tender Shepherd Preschool, you can pay your tuition using the link below. If you set up an account last year, you can log in and use that same account. If you are new to Tender Shepherd, you will need to create a profile at the link below to set up payments (note that this is a different system from the registration payment).


  • Yearly Tuition: $1,530 (three day preschool), $1,845 (four day preschool) payable online, due August 1, 2019
  • Bi-Yearly Tuition: two payments of $765 (three-day preschool), $922.50 (four-day preschool), payable online, due August 1, 2019, and January 1, 2020
  • Monthly Tuition: $170 (three-day preschool), $205 (four-day preschool), payable online, due the first of each month. Register for a recurring payment online, payable via credit card, checking, or savings.

A $25 late fee will be assessed for any missed payment.



Tender Shepherd Preschool Team

Naomi Paul
Director, Tender Shepherd Preschool
Christy Keeley
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Michelle King
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Kelly Landy
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Cheryl Mack
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Lisa Madore
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Meredith Miller
Assistant, South Hills Campus
Neva Nobers
Teacher, Robinson Campus
Christina Ratti
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Christine Ross
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Kim Sarniak
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Bekah Scisciani
Teacher, Robinson Campus
Cindy Shook
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Amy Trax
Teacher, South Hills Campus
Linda Urbanic
Teacher, South Hills Campus