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Thailand Trip - April 25, 2024

Thailand Trip - April 25, 2024

Apr 25 5:09 PM
Apr 25 5:09 PM


Great ministry happening here this week.

Our final night at Faith House was a special one. We have a banquet for the girls with a special catered menu they have chosen. This night they chose fish as the main entree and our team enjoyed cashew chicken. About an hour before the banquet Maria gave each of the girls a white traditional Karen dress we had purchased for them to wear. As we’ve shared the girls are ethnic Karen from Myanmar. Following our meal, the girls sang and danced for us, as always it was special.

Another special event occurred during the banquet with the arrival of new girl.  They had been waiting for the girl for more than a week but she arrived in the middle of the banquet.  You could clearly see was overwhelmed.  The staff and girls received her with great tenderness and  affection, it was  so touching .  The number of girls at Faith House has nearly doubled since last year. 

- Glenn Delich

Today was our last full day with the girls in Mae Sot,  before we travel to see the University girls in Chaing Mai.  We continued in the book Princess Lost with a lesson on shame; healthy and healing shame versus  unhealthy shame. Teaching the girls that expressing their feelings, and confiding in a trusted friend is a good way to process shame.  We led an activity for them to create a collage in their journal with words and images from magazine clippings, and drawing to express their future dreams.  

In the afternoon we shared the gospel through the last chapters of Princess Lost and Levina shared her very touching testimony.  

We also welcomed a new girl from Myanmar who arrived TODAY at Faith House. Our team got to witness how they welcomed her with open arms and care and comfort into a new environment where she’s safe and secure away from the bombs that are dropping 15 minutes from here.

We ended the day with a farewell dinner banquet.  Everyone got dressed up and the girls wore their traditional ethnic dress.  We sprinkled them with shimmering sparkles and told them how special they are to us, that many people are praying for them, and that they can go out and shine the light of Christ to others.  The girls shared song and dance with us before we left. Their smiles were endless and our hearts are overflowing.  


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