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Thailand 2023 - Day 3

Thailand 2023 - Day 3

Apr 24 10:48 AM
Apr 24 10:48 AM


Today was our first full day of teaching and activities.  We kicked things off with Dee Johnson teaching through Esther 2 and having the girls practice a little Bible study methods on that chapter. 

We rounded out the morning taking advantage of the many men on this trip to talk about what to look for in a Godly Man. Many of these girls are reaching dating age, and it is crucial for them to understand God's plan for marriage and dating. These guys did a fabulous job speaking just as a father would to his daughter.

After lunch, Glenn Delich spoke on a chapter in our book that we are teaching through called Known. That chapter was called Beloved and really dove into how loved and special we are.

Dee gave the girls a wonderful art lesson this afternoon, teaching them how to paint peonies in a vase. We have some very talented ladies in this group, and it was fun to watch them explore painting.

After dinner tonight, Bill Harms spoke to the girls about safe social media. Many of them have social media accounts, and he stressed the need for awareness and prudence in this area.  

These girls are very attentive during our lessons and participate when asked questions and have questions they ask about our topics. We really enjoy teaching them and being the hands and feet of Jesus!



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