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Thailand 2023 - Day 4

Thailand 2023 - Day 4

Apr 25 9:05 AM
Apr 25 9:05 AM


Faith House:  Rescuing Girls from Refugee Camps

Yesterday, the TBC team traveled with Maria, Grace, Gigi, and Isabelle to refugee camps along the border in Thailand, where families have fled from the risks of civil war in Myanmar to challenging living conditions with little hope. The photographs directly below (taken with permission) are examples of God’s children still living in the refugee camps. These living conditions are similar to the prior living conditions for the girls that have been rescued to Faith House. Praise God that they now have new certainty for food, shelter, and public education surrounded in a loving Christian environment, along with the additional opportunity for technical school, college, or university education after high school! Perhaps the girls below will be the next children to be rescued out of the refugee camps to Faith House!


In addition to serving the girls at Faith House, Maria and her colleagues also maintain friendships and minister to these refugee camps. On Saturdays, Maria and Faith House serve and encourage these refugees.  On Sundays, they use their trucks to bring children from these camps to Faith House for worship. Through these tangible examples, the girls at Faith House are not only receiving Christian love and outreach but also sharing Christ’s love and encouragement with others; the girls at Faith House are experiencing how to serve their communities and change the world!

Today, Ron started us off with a devotion including John 15:15, which states, “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends.” What a loving Savior we have to not only be our Lord but to also share our master’s business with us and call us friends! Thank you to all of you who share our master’s business and support our trip, Reach 2023, and BBright through your prayers and financial support!

This morning, Greg taught the girls at Faith House on Esther, and the girls showed their creative skills by acting it out! In the afternoon, Kathleen enjoyed sharing her testimony with the girls about her taking off the backpack of lies and filling her heart with the truth of God’s love. The girls have already experienced a lifetime of challenges prior to living at Faith House. What a blessing for them to experience the truth of God’s love and the significance of each of them in God’s eyes!

Tomorrow on Wednesday, Ron and Greg will travel to Chiang Mai. After continuing to teach the girls at Faith House for the next two days, the rest of the team will join them in Chiang Mai on Friday. Please continue to pray and thank God for the staff and girls at Faith House, and ask God to bless their lives and their future.




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