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Thailand - Day 6

Thailand - Day 6

Apr 27 3:29 PM
Apr 27 3:29 PM


This is our last day at Faith House with most of the girls. What an amazing trip it has been! Brenda led the teaching on Esther 7, and the girls acted it out. Hilarious?? They are so excited for our banquet this afternoon. 

We presented gifts to GiGi, Deborah, Grace, Maria, and Isabel. They are an amazing team of missionariess- imagine parenting 35 teenage girls!! Wow!! And they do it so well!! 

A highlight of our trip is Bill presenting each girl with a Chromebook. That blew their minds!! Imagine helping 28 girls set up laptops- no small feat!! Way to go, Bill!! He also set up their internet to work faster. Awesome

In the afternoon, we set up our lavish Esther Banquet, and I challenged the girls with a talk on being SENT!! Princess Warriors who will change the world “for such a time like this!” Just like Esther. 

Tomorrow we visit the 8 girls in University, so we say goodbye and travel 5 hours north to Chang Mai.  

Thank you for your prayers!

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