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Thailand 2023 - DAY 5

Thailand 2023 - DAY 5

Apr 26 1:51 PM
Apr 26 1:51 PM


Preparing For The Great Banquet!
Today marks our fifth day with the girls after we have settled back in at Faith House. It was a tremendous gift to have a two-day reprieve at a nearby resort for both the girls and the staff. We're also praising God for the change in the weather, as we are around 93° and partly cloudy skies.  So much better than the 103° typical day we've had here. Hallelujah!! The change has been enjoyed by all! 
We began our day with worship, our minds focused and full of joy, a gift from the Holy Spirit. What a great day as we continue working our way through the book of Esther. Brenda lead us off, and Deborah translated into Burmese. Deborah has been such a lifesaver with her amazing translation skills, and she really helps hold the girls' attention, just like a live performance!
When the teaching is done, the girls come to life acting out the chapters in Esther bringing a fresh revival to the story! They will forever remember Ester in their minds and hearts. Every girl was a captured audience.  Ajima, one of the older girls who has been at Faith Haus since the beginning, when the girls were living in the cornfield hut with a bamboo ladder, really hit the drama out of the park. She really knew how to work the crowd as King Xerses. You have to check out this video of Ajima, it's one of a kind.
Next, we had a very special afternoon. The girls received their handmade jammy bottoms, sewn by Brenda‘s mother, Dotti! They really loved their precious gift.  
Afterward, we gathered together and made beautifully beaded napkin rings using pipe cleaners. The creativity these girls have is astonishing! It’s unbelievable what a creative mind comes up with Using beads and pipe cleaners. They not only made napkin rings, but bracelets, headbands, heart bookmarks, and more. Glenn, Gary, and Bill were styling and profiling their new bling!
The napkin holders will be used to decorate linen napkins for our eloquent banquet celebration at the end of Ester. The excitement is growing! The rest of the morning was filled with spontaneous singing, practicing hand motions, bongo, drums, and guitars. The girls seemed totally relaxed with us in their space as they spontaneously sang one song after another. A sweet treat for us leaders.
In the afternoon Gary taught on "Unveiled" which is based upon 2 Corinthians 3:18 and the book Known by Aubrey Sampson. Salvation is a gift, provided by the sacrifice of Jesus dying for our sins, and all we have to do is accept it. This is a personal choice, one that someone cannot make for you, one that you can only make for yourself. Once we've made that decision, the Holy Spirit transforms us. As we continue to read God's word, serve others, pray, and grow, we become less, and Christ becomes more.

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