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Thailand 2023 - Day 2

Thailand 2023 - Day 2

Apr 23 7:37 PM
Apr 23 7:37 PM


Sunday Services, Crowning Princesses, A Family Dinner, and Swimming in the Pool!

It's our first full day of spending time with all of the great ladies of Faith Haus. Our team made it to the school, on time for Sunday Service. Why service at the school, you ask?  Well, during COVID, all of the local Christian churches closed. So what does the team there do? Plant a new church and invite the local community!  These ladies and young girls are creative and very adaptive. Throughout their life, they have had to rely upon God in so many ways. Their trust in Him is inspiring. 

It was beautiful to hear everyone sing praise and worship in Thai. Next up, Pastor Ron Moore gave a sermon on SSAFE. In Christ, we are: Significant, Secure, Accepted, Forgiven, and Empowered. It was a great sermon and well received by everyone there. 

If you would like to watch the sermon, please click here. Next, we had a meal with the girls and staff, saw the rooms (very, very, clean), and toured the facility. There is a single two-story dorm building for the girls, typically four girls in a room. However, sometimes they will go up to six with two girls sleeping on mats. My personal favorite is how the girls painted the outside of their rooms and some of the buildings. There's love and hope here. 

It's truly eye-opening how much can be done with so little. Contrasting the size of the traditional American home, to what the girls have, we are so very lucky. 

The plan for today is to provide a retreat for the young ladies and staff, so we are off to a local hotel where the girls can enjoy the pool, some great spiritual and life teaching, and a feast worthy of what Ester gave the king! I was lucky enough to crown six of the princesses, those smiles were bigger and brighter than the stars.

Next, the girls hopped back into the truck, and we headed out to dinner.  I'll tell you, these princesses can EAT! From fried snapper to spicy Asian noodle salads, rice, seafood soups, and Greg's favorite, chicken knuckles! 

These girls don't have a lot of frills in life. Going out to eat, and being able to swim in the pool, is a tremendous treat, like going to Disney.  After what they have been through and how hard they work in their studies, I wish we could give them more.

After we returned from the restaurant, the girls asked to go for a night swim, and with a simple head nod, there was thunderous applause!!  Personally, I thought it was louder than the Steelers pulling off a pick-six at Heinz field.

A spectacular day, looking forward to tomorrow. 

As always, many blessings to you, and thank you for your prayers and support.  


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