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Panama Bible Camp 2024 - Day 1

Panama Bible Camp 2024 - Day 1

Jan 16 1:40 PM
Jan 16 1:40 PM


Our team of 12 arrived in the afternoon on Sunday, January 14 without any delays or incidents.
Day-1  Monday
Our day started with team morning devotions. John 13: 1-17, Jesus serving the disciples and washing their feet.
The children arrive tomorrow, so today is the final preparation for a week of camp. Our team was introduced to the Word of Life Missionaries and Staff and then explained what needed to be done to have camp ready for the children. We divided into small groups and went to work. One of the dorm buildings needed the exterior painted as well as the deck around the pool area.
Then we went on to sorting and organizing the many donations, clothing, shoes, soccer balls, etc., that our team was blessed to offer to the children and camp facility. We also were involved in helping the Staff finalize some of the crafts and decorations to be used to share the gospel in story form for the children to understand the love of Christ. 
After dinner, we learned some of the songs complete with hand and body motions that we all will be presenting to the children tomorrow. Lights out at 11 PM to get some much-needed rest to be energized for greeting the children.

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