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Aug 01 12:19 PM
Aug 01 12:19 PM


Maasailand was our special destination today! Words fail to describe the people, homes, and land, so we are including many pictures that we hope will speak thousands of words.

We took a three-hour drive into the Kenyan highlands to visit the Maasai families and homes of ten students from the Lion of Judah school. This agrarian community warmly welcomed us, wearing their best traditional clothing and jewelry, and giving hugs and handshakes to us all. We were happy to see that the students had been brought there as well, and they introduced us to their parents. Much picture-taking followed!

They showed us their homes, which are made of cattle dung and sticks with poles to support them. The homes are low and dark with a door to keep out hyenas. There was a small alcove to cook over a fire, and another alcove to sleep in. Donkeys are used to carry large containers to gather water outside as there is no indoor plumbing or bathroom.

Family groups have houses arranged together within thick hedges of thorn bushes. These fences also create pens for their animals, which keep out hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, and lions.

Next, we walked to the  Maasai church in that community - a congregation of over 200 people who gather from up to 15 miles away.  The Maasai families, who had skipped their market day to be with us, joined our team in singing, dancing, and exchanging greetings from our church families. Jonathan shared a message of encouragement with them based on Paul's greeting to the Ephesians. They gifted all of us with hand-beaded jewelry as a gesture of their gratitude and hospitality. John even received a traditional cloak from one of the men. They were so happy that we visited their community and stated that they knew we had come because of our love for them. They thanked us for the help The Bible Chapel gave them during a season of drought in which they lost all their cattle and livelihood. We prayed together to thank God for His goodness to all of us. We then headed home after prayers and photos and many heartfelt goodbyes. 

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