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Jul 26 9:36 AM
Jul 26 9:36 AM


We were treated like rock stars today as we served at the AIC Zion school.

The children had an assembly for us where they performed poetry, songs, and dances. They followed our team members around all day wanting hugs and affection and asking many questions of us.

Here are a few highlights of each team member's day: Cody and Jonathan visited the grade 6 and 7 classes answering questions about the U.S. and asking the children questions about their culture. Cody also taught U.S. geography and the science behind seasons. 

Matthew and John led sports and games for much of the school during structured playtime. John also taught aviation basics to the year 4 class.

Tiffany spent time observing the grade 6,7,8 classes and made plans to teach geometry during her time here. The teachers are very excited for her to demonstrate methods for teaching geometry, and the children are equally happy to play with her long, blonde hair.

Ellie spent time with the grade 6,7,8 classes as well. She beautifully sang our national anthem for the children, and they, in turn, sang the Kenya national anthem. The children were equally enamored with Ellie"s long, curly hair. 

Karen and Cindy spent time in the younger children's classes helping the teachers check work, do lessons, and serve porridge for breakfast. Karen taught the children how to jump rope, and Cindy taught several songs and games. It was a fun, exhausting day!

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