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Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 7

Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 7

Mar 12 6:38 PM
Mar 12 6:38 PM



Our last day in Hungary! It is crazy to think that the week is over already. We’ve done so much in such a short amount of time, yet we feel like there is so much more we can do. It is bittersweet that we are leaving this beautiful country, but we know we are leaving the ministry in great hands. We could tell from the beginning of the week that God hand-picked each of us and each of the missionaries working there to accomplish His plan. We saw firsthand how well they all work alongside each other, encouraging one another along the way. Their love of God was evident in how they spoke and the actions in their life and it was such an encouragement to know that this ministry will be well taken care of and that they care so much about its growth. Although we came to serve these people, they ended up enriching our lives along the way. We couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to see how God can use us in any way to accomplish His work here on earth. All of us are leaving Hungary changed in one way or another and I asked everyone to write a couple of sentences on one takeaway from this trip. 

Jonathan-“God reminded me of His foreknowledge this week. None of what is going on in the world right now, or what has been happening for the last couple of years has been a surprise to Him. He was able to use all of this to open doors for us to be able to share the gospel and build relationships with students in ways that we would not have imagined. God's love for the entire world was evidenced to me this week, and the way in which He uses those who love and serve Him around the world to build his church across time and culture amazes me!” 

Meagan- Wow, this trip was a whirlwind! This trip for me spoke of “witness”. Being a witness to what God is doing all over the world. Being a witness to another ministry learning how to morph and change in this time of Covid and now a war so close to home. Being a witness to missionaries helping Ukrainians have a place to stay as they pass through. Being a witness to missionaries sharing their lives and experiences with high school and university students. Being a witness to growth amongst my own teammates and how God is changing and growing them. Being a witness to missionaries here being put in positions they are not comfortable with or expecting and learning to cope and grow from it. God has shown me through this week just how big He is and how much He is doing in us and through us in this world. What a mighty God we serve, and what an honor and joy it is to be just a small part of His work.

Matthew-“Something that really impacted me this week was the opportunity to speak to two students from South Africa. During our randoms, my partner and I spoke to these two students and ended up staying for roughly 45 minutes. In that time, we learned that one of them came from a Christian background, but never was able to get questions he had answered by people in his church. He ended up going to school in Africa for theological philosophy, and even there his professors constantly refused to answer his questions, so he's now in Budapest studying to become an engineer to start a new life here. He explained to us that he grew up without any real Christian community around him and that he ended up walking away from the church for now, until he finds someone willing to at least be willing to discuss his questions with him. Sadly, we were not able to immediately help because of time restraints, but we were able to get him into contact with some people from FÉK to sit down and discuss his questions and he seemed very excited to be able to do that. It really made me realize how important it is to have good Christian community around you and a community that is willing to talk about the harder questions.”

Amber- “This week has been a whirlwind of emotions and experiences for me! I had a chance to live out my dream of serving Him overseas! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a spark in the ministry of crew, and to be a part of something so much greater than myself! God has blessed our team so much this week, between fellowship with other believers and getting to see God work through us so much! We were able to have good conversations with teens and college students that have so many questions about life and their identities! It was overall a life-changing experience for me. Our prayer is that it was also life-changing for those we got to talk to!” 

Emmy-As this was my first mission trip, I really was not sure what to expect. I assumed we would be serving people and that God was going to use us for His plan, but I didn’t realize how this trip was going to impact me as well. God took a lot of my insecurities and things I never would volunteer to do and made me face them head-on. Throughout the week, I could see how He would put me in situations I wasn’t the most comfortable with in order to grow and mold me as a Christian. It was an incredible ministry that we were a part of and I already can’t wait to go back! 

We want to thank everyone who prayed for us and supported us on this trip. There were many factors that could have stopped this trip from happening, but we were able to continue to see God show up and move any and all of the obstacles in our path. Please continue to pray for the ministry happening here in Hungary and for our safe trip back tomorrow. Thanks for following along! :) 

Your last Hungarian word of the day is “barátság” which means “friendship” because we are leaving with so many new friends here in Hungary. 

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