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Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 4

Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 4

Mar 09 6:57 PM
Mar 09 6:57 PM


Day Four in Hungary!!

Another day in the schools! Because of yesterday, we weren’t as nervous for the day as we had a feel for what was happening and what we would be doing. The missionaries we went with were explaining to us how excited they were that we were back in Hungary because it is the first year since Covid started that the missionaries were allowed back into the schools. During the lesson, the missionaries took a couple of minutes to explain their organization to the students and they said it was the first year that none of the students knew anything about it. This was due to the fact that most of these students were entering high school as covid started so they never had a chance to hear about the program. Us going into these schools with the missionaries makes such an impact because they can use the promise of “real Americans” to get into the English classes, they are then able to get the kids interested in their programs and what they are really about. So far, we have had a lot of interest in Friday’s big event and are hoping the connections made there can continue once we are gone. 

To be completely honest, the hardest part of the day happened after school when we went back to Gönczy, the missionary's new building. They had to buy more chairs for the students because they all keep getting filled during their events, which is great and exciting news, except they were from IKEA….which meant that they needed to be put together. One may not think that would be a hard task, but for anyone who has actually spent time figuring out IKEA furniture, it can be quite the challenge. We had a joke where we kept wondering how many Hungarians and how many Americans it would take to build one IKEA chair. (turns out it was 13) Eventually, and with no tears ‘externally’ shed somehow, we were able to build all the new chairs and get them ready for Friday. 

One of everyone’s favorite times of the week, though, is the night where we all go to Mara and Gabi’s house (the missionaries the Bible Chapel supports) and have dinner with them. Mara made a delicious homemade Hungarian dish for us tonight called paprikash. After the meal, we all went into the living room where Jonathan and Meagan led us in worship. Gabi then shared some verses on his heart and we had a time of prayer. This was a very powerful time and God’s presence could be felt by everyone in the room. I think this was such a special time for everyone because it allowed us to truly just sit in front of God and praise Him for being who He is. During the worship, Amber decided that “Americans are crybabies” because everyone shed a couple of tears as we truly thought about how great our God truly is. (can you blame us) We ended our worship by singing a worship song with the Americans singing in English and our Hungarian friends in Hungarian. I overheard someone say that it made them think of what it will be like in Heaven, with everyone praising God in their native languages from all the corners of the earth. 

Please continue to pray for us as we have one more day in the schools then we will start the preparation for Friday. 

These students desperately need Jesus and our prayer is that they will actually show up and continue showing up after that.  

The Hungarian word of the day is “hálás érzés” which means “feeling thankful” because that is how we all are feeling right now!

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