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Hungary 2023 - Day 6

Hungary 2023 - Day 6

Mar 27 9:56 AM
Mar 27 9:56 AM


Friday! One of the busiest days of the week! We started our day by going into more schools! As we went through this week, one thing we realized was that teachers really need more credit (sorry to my mom, who is a teacher)! We were exhausted by the end of the day! A good exhausted, but still exhausted. One of the schools has a student who was a new believer and who has been doing a Bible study with Kiso (one of the missionaries). This student wanted to share the FEK organization but didn’t know how, so she was excited that we were there to help get the other students excited!

After the schools, we had about an hour or two break to prepare ourselves for their big event in the evening! We met early and went over what was happening that night, our expectations, and an overall game plan! We prayed for the students, our hearts, the missionaries, and for overall energy for the night, then waited for the students to show up. We saw students that we had met earlier in the week, and it was an encouragement to continue our relationship with them and that they were excited about the event and organization! It was an exciting night, and the missionaries said that it was the biggest event that they had!! So many of the students were connected with the Hungarian missionaries, and it was a time of fellowship and new friendships being formed. The missionaries had everyone fill out a survey so they can keep in touch with them and hopefully find a spot where they can be connected.

At the same time, we were doing the event for the students, Meagan and John went and helped with another event! It was a marriage enrichment event, where campus crusade focused on pouring into married couples and enriching family life. They helped with the dinner, washed dishes, cleared plates, and talked to other couples!

Overall, it was a great day, and it was awesome seeing all the events come together! God is working here, and we feel so blessed to be able to see and experience a part of it.

As we finish out our week here, our prayer is for the missionaries we are leaving. We pray that they can make lasting relationships with the students and that a revival will be starting in Hungary.

Our Hungarian word of the day is felfedezés which means exploration!


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