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Hungary 2023 - Day 2

Hungary 2023 - Day 2

Mar 21 9:55 AM
Mar 21 9:55 AM


Hello friends! We are back, well-rested, and even more excited for the week ahead of us (if that was possible). Today was all about preparation for the week ahead. We spent the first half of the day being immersed in the dos and don’ts of Hungarian culture, and we learned a little more about what the missionaries here are doing! The second half was spent getting into teams consisting of 3-4 Americans paired with one Hungarian. They taught us what to expect in the schools and the information we need to share with them. It was a knowledge filled day-hopefully we can remember that knowledge for the rest of the week! This year, there are three new schools that we are going to for the first time, so apparently, the schools we went to before are spreading good things about all of us who went before (phew!).

After a brief break filled with Jonathan giving us a “dad talk” about how we aren’t allowed to wander off in the city (@meagan), we headed back to Göncy where we were able to witness another outreach they have happening. They have college-age, new believers who meet on Mondays to be discipled and who are being taught to share the gospel with their friends/family. The missionaries asked Meagan, Jon, and Jason (another volunteer from a NC church) to lead us all in worship. Jon split the worship songs, so we sang half in English and half in Hungarian (well, us Americans listened to the Hungarian being sung). It was a very special moment seeing groups of people from two completely different parts of the world coming together in unity to worship one God together. It really puts what we are doing into perspective. As Meagan said today when we were preparing for the week with prayer, “Help us to remember these aren’t just people we are talking to this week who we will leave and probably not see again, they are eternal souls and this matters.” As we go to sleep tonight, we are ready to start being used by God in whatever way He wants us to be used tomorrow.

And to everyone reading, thank you all for helping us with your support and prayers to be used as a part of God’s plan for the amazing people of Hungary.

Please pray as we start going into high schools tomorrow and for the event happening on Friday that we are inviting them to :).

Hungarian word of the day is izgatott which means excited!


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