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Hungary 2023 - Day 1

Hungary 2023 - Day 1

Mar 20 12:31 PM
Mar 20 12:31 PM


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Hungary Arrival Day

A quick PSA before starting, this first blog is mostly been written through jet lag and sleep deprivation. After traveling to what seemed to be another continent (pun intended), we made it safely to Budapest, Hungary. We already can feel all of your prayers being poured on us just in the fact that we all made it over safely. Although we had a couple of mishaps throughout the day, we all made it and are so excited for the week to start! This week, we will be partnering with the local missionaries, including Gabi and Mara, who the Bible Chapel supports, to go into the high schools and college campuses in Budapest. In the high schools, we are going welcomed in by having an “English class” where we will be able to share about Gönczy-the missionaries building where they have events for high school and college-age students every week. Unlike public schools in most of America, here, if the students ask why we came or about us, we are able to share our faith. We are inviting the students to a big event on Friday where the gospel will be shared and where these kids can know they are loved. On the college campuses, we will be doing some random soul-winning (which everyone is always most nervous about). We will be helping the missionaries with whatever they need this week and with whatever activities and events they have taking place. Tomorrow, we will be getting prepped and trained for the week ahead! Thank you again for the support and prayers…now we are off to sleep :)

Please pray this week for God to work on every child’s heart we will talk to tonight - that it will be open and ready to hear the truth of the gospel.

The Hungarian word of the day is “alvás” which means “sleep” because after non-stop traveling for almost 15 hours, sleep sounds pretty great

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