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Messages directly from the Word of God


Current Series

HIS Story, My Story

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We’ll trace God’s Word – cover to cover – from Genesis to Revelation, and see how the events and the truths written thousands of years ago apply to our lives today! God’s Story becomes our story, which writes the greatest history of all!

Know God: Tough Questions | Real Answers

Do you KNOW GOD? What are the attributes of God? Does he get angry? Does God change his mind? Does God need me? We invite you to join us each weekend this summer as we dive deeper into our summer series, Know God: Tough Questions | Real Answers. 


An anchor, representing Jesus, was the early Christian symbol for safety, security, and hope. Jesus is the only one who provides an unshakeable and unbreakable hope in the stress of life. With the COVID pandemic, we are all faced with the same storm – and yet each of us are impacted differently, like being in different boats. Throughout life we will face challenges, hardships, and struggles– so what keeps us anchored? The unshakeable truths we can hold onto through any storm.


Immovable: Changed by the One who doesn’t. Join us as we dive deeper into 1 Corinthians 15, where we’ll study a rich section of scripture focused on the power and eternal significance of the Resurrection.

Real Talk

Our study of 1 Corinthians, where we will learn to

  • Focus and (refocus) on Jesus.
  • Deal with the issues of the “flesh.”
  • Engage in meaningful relationships.
  • Share Jesus with clarity and relevance.
Real Christmas

Take a deep, refreshing breath with our series, Real Christmas: Experiencing Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love. We will walk through advent together, and explore these core components that Christ brings to our lives not just during the holiday season, but all year long. 


Let’s examine our authenticity in living out our faith.