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Relationships: Homosexuality
Type: Resource
Category: Relationships, Ministry Messages, Young Adults Podcast

... design for relationship has been homosexuality. Our culture has popularized the ... does the bible say about homosexuality, what if I struggle with ...

Attack on His Design: Homosexuality
Type: Resource
Category: Sermons, Family

... TO KNOW ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY: 1. The real struggle of homosexuality is not ... design. 3. Homosexuality is sin. 4. The temptation of homosexuality can be ...

What Should Christians Think About Homosexuality?
Type: Resource
Category: Culture, Ministry Messages, The College Ministry Podcast

There is no doubt that homosexuality is one of the most ... Christians suppose to think about homosexuality.” Check it out.  ...

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality
Type: Resource
Category: The Journey, Sexuality, Threats to the Family, What The Bible Says

They are the people we work with.  They are friends and family. Many are living lives of quiet desperation, hiding a secret from the world.  ...

Homosexuality: Is It Really an Alternative? Part 1
Type: Resource
Category: The Journey, Sexuality, Marriage

The road is lonely when we travel outside God’s clearly marked lanes.  The solid lines are there, not to restrict our freedom, but to keep ...