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Thailand Trip - April 24, 2024

Thailand Trip - April 24, 2024

Apr 24 1:36 PM
Apr 24 1:36 PM


Back to Faith House today with just the girls! Our team met early for breakfast, our Bible devotions and preparations for the day. We then travelled to Faith House where the girls were anxiously awaiting us with welcoming smiles and love. 

Glenn started the morning off by reviewing the introduction to our story of Princess Lost. Then Sheila led the first lesson of the day reading a couple chapters from the book and relating it to how the Holy Scriptures are our love letters from God. The Whistler in the story represents the Holy Spirit and his songs are like the Word of God. Sheila shared how the sword of the Spirit is the word of God and the girls can use Scripture to be victorious over darkness in the world! Then Traci and Heather led the activity of creating “swords” of pool noodles and writing their favorite verses on them. Traci shared how Scripture helped her be calm and faithful through the very difficult sudden loss of her husband. Fun games of “sword” noodle battle and dodgeball! (the girls learned how to play thanks to Traci!) Heather and Traci joined in the ball throwing and sweating too! 
After lunch, the team visited the market area for a very short while as the heat was significant! A short rest (and second showers for some) and then back to Faith House for another lesson and activities. 
Heather led the next session reading from Princess Lost- this time with some very strong emotions of hurt, fear, sadness, isolation, shame, and loneliness. We used “emoji” booklets to help the girls relate emotions to how the Princess Regina may have felt with her experience. Heather reviewed how God created us with the capacity for intimate relationships and how important that is for our healing and safety.  Brenda and Dee led the activity for the girls to draw the pictures of emoji hearts in their journals. 
Levina then had the wonderful opportunity to share with the girls her book and gifted each girl with one! She reviewed how after believing in God, a young girl can grow through having relationship with older girls/women who can disciple them. And the girls, in return, can disciple the younger girls!   
After many hugs, we left for a late dinner and told the girls, “see you in the morning!” 
* Behind the scenes today, Dee and Levina poured into the lives of the women who lead Faith House- Maria, Gigi, Grace, Isabelle, Virgo. They encouraged, listened and prayed with these women. 
And Glen and Brenda working hard to keep our team on track and great teamwork (shout out of thanks to them) 
Thank you for continued prayers. May God be glorified in our words and actions and hearts.
Written by Heather Magnotti

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