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Thailand Blog - April 27, 2024

Thailand Blog - April 27, 2024

Apr 28 8:35 AM
Apr 28 8:35 AM


From Levina Mulandi, Nairobi, Kenya:

I try to read the proverb chapter of the day as part of my day. My proverb today as our mission to Thailand comes to an end is:

Proverbs 28:26 NIV
Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe.

This proverb captures my thoughts and memories of all of us who were part of what God did in and with Faith House, in Thailand this week. God helped us not to be fooled. No one tried to trust in themselves. Our leaders Uncle Glenn, Brenda, and Maria, tried to walk in wisdom, always consulting and admitting when they were clueless about what to do next. And because they did that we were kept safe in many ways. 

My friends, (Jesus calls us friends) so we can call each other friends in Christ. And that is what He gave us in this mission trusting friendships; a number of us had days when we were not well, and again no one trusted in themselves, but humbly and wisely accepted to be benched by God on that day and lie down to recover. And trust that God will accomplish His work here even without them on that particular day. And they also trusted the rest of the team to do their part, that was wisdom and insight right there.

My friends at Faith House did not trust themselves in this mission but wisely and humbly allowed us to partner with them and take their girls (that they obviously love so much and are giving their lives to) and we got to teach and love them too. Even though they know more about the girls and how much better to love them. These co-workers have done well. Jesus said let the children come to me. And they have done that. And this week they wisely and in trust stepped back and let us be part of letting the children come to Christ too in some way. Jesus also says, what you do for these little ones in my name, you do it for me. And the Faith House staff graciously and wisely and with insight let us share in this privilege of giving to the girls and so giving to Jesus. An amazing experience in and of itself. To be able to give to our God and our Father!

I had the privilege of sharing my book, The Sisterhood Secret", with the Faith House girls, all from 9 years old all the way to university level  28 years old, the Faith House staff, and my friends on the mission. And again I observed these people of God from the youngest to the oldest (70+ years) walk in wisdom and insight into what they took away from the book, as the Lord led them and as we talked. Not trusting in themselves and thinking they know it all, but humbly and wisely listening to God and to one another. The Faith girls in the university graciously and with lots of energy listened to us and we're ready to take up the mantle to 'Go and make disciples of all nations,'  (more like run) beginning with Thailand universities and the  Myanmar village kids that they left behind, just as in the princess lost narrative. 

Working together with wisdom and insight, we had a taste of heaven. Where every tribe, every people, every nation, will stand before One God and be together in One Spirit, and One Word. We experienced that this week, because of God's lavish wisdom and insight at work among us. 

As I prepared to come on this mission and for each day in the mission, this was my prayer. "Our Father Who art in heaven... 

And God put His Name on us literally,  His Kingdom came in a way as we sought His Kingdom first, by teaching on the discipleship of nations. His will was done on this part of the earth, Thailand, this week. And He forgave us many times and gave us the wisdom to forgive one another as we are forgiven. He gave us each day all we needed and the savior like a shepherd led us, especially our two leaders every step of each day. And when the evil raised its head to attack us; in sickness, money access trouble, the heat, language differences. God delivered us from all evil. 

Here is the song that says it all so much better. Listen to it and worship and thank God with us.

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