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Thailand 2022 - Day 3

Thailand 2022 - Day 3

May 04 11:38 AM
May 04 11:38 AM


Another great day with the girls at Faith House. Glenn started off our teaching today about toxic shame and how Satan uses it to keep us distant from God and makes us feel like we aren't good enough. He stressed to the girls that they are deeply loved by God and nothing can separate them from him once they believe in him. Glenn also taught on how to share the Gospel this morning.

Dee wrapped the afternoon in a discussion of Who is God? He is the Shephard, Bread of Life, Savior, Light in the darkness.


The girls enjoyed unwrapping their tie dyed shirts from yesterday illustrating how unique and beautiful they are. Squeels of joy when they saw the colors!

Faith House also has a large garden. Jackfruit, mango, eggplant, banana and papaya for now. More to come when the rainy season is in full swing.

Thank you for your prayers. We covet them as we continue to minister to these 28 girls and 6 staff.

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