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Men's Panama Construction and Care - 2022 - Day 6

Men's Panama Construction and Care - 2022 - Day 6

Apr 03 12:01 AM
Apr 03 12:01 AM


Hotdogs, missionaries, the gospel, and love.

Being our last day in Panama, there was a sense of appreciation, sadness, and eagerness to get home.  But first, the whole team as well as some of the staff from Word of Life took a ride to a distant Panamanian village named Embera.  Our intent was to share the gospel, make friends, and show the love of Christ.  It took almost two hours to reach the put in, along the way we observed the beauty of the Panamanian forests, towns, and culture. Once we reached the river bank we all took an amazing canoe ride along the Chagres river.  It was about an hour boat ride to reach the village.  Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the villagers. 

There was an immediate sense of unfamiliarity with the village but also equally a sense of surprise and curiosity with the norms of Emberan culture.  The Emberan’s gave us leaf baskets filled with tilapia and patacones to welcome us.  In return, we brought with hot dogs (which they love), candy, chips, and juice.  The Emberans also entertained us with a dance, swam with us in the river, and gave us washable tattoos as the day went on.

After spending a day playing with the children, swimming in the river.  sharing the gospel, and touring the village we jumped back into the canoes.  

The team had a great dinner at the hotel with the group, along with Rubén and Hugo from Word of Life and their families.  

To conclude our night, we had a great nightly devotion that was conducted by Nick, Jordan, and Luke.  We felt the Holy Spirit move through us and had our tears come out as we discussed “getting our hands dirty” as Christians and how that feels when it comes up in our lives.  God blessed us with an amazing last day!



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