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Men's Panama Construction and Care - 2022 - Day 5

Men's Panama Construction and Care - 2022 - Day 5

Mar 31 11:35 PM
Mar 31 11:35 PM


What A Week!

Our team tied a bow on the rest of our projects: installing Wi-Fi for the dorms, installing garage support pillars, and of course buying hot dogs.   Why hot dogs..?  I'll tell you later, keep on reading :)

Just to recap this week's team accomplishments:

  • A trip to share the gospel with the children living in the slums of Curundu.
  • Painting the endless fence.
  • Pouring the concrete for the pool building footer and floor.
  • Digging the foundations, pouring concrete, and setting the pillars for the new garage roof.
  • Providing laptops, configuration, and training for the missionary students on their way to the Bible Institute.
  • Suprise!  A Wi-Fi wireless bridge to the dorm buildings.  This will enable online study of seminary students whom wish to serve at the camp and continue their training.  This provies a tremendous win-win for the camp and the seminary student to practice ministry.

Looking back, God has our team really busy.  But it was so worth it.  Looking back, sharing the gospel, seeing all the smiling faces, giving and receiving testimony of how Jesus has transformed all of our lives has been extremely energizing.  

We're all sad to leave, but very grateful for the staff here at the Word Of Life camp.  We felt welcomed into their homes and lives, accepted and treated as family.  

Oh yea... The hot dogs.. Well, Traci, one of the founders of the camp, has been sharing the gospel with a tribe of ingenious people here in Panama.  They LOVE the hotdogs, and it gives us a chance to share the gospel.  So, we're taking hot dogs for about a hundred tribes’ people for only $40 US.  That is such a bargain to have a chance to share the gospel with an entire village!  I'm pretty sure someone will get baptized tomorrow :)

Blessings to all of you and our supporters, without your prayers and support this amazing week would not be possible.

Here's a collage of pictures from the past day or so, enjoy:

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