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Men's Panama Construction and Care - 2022 - Day 2

Men's Panama Construction and Care - 2022 - Day 2

Mar 29 12:04 PM
Mar 29 12:04 PM


Faith In Action

We stared out our Monday with a construction project to remove doors and frames in two dorms.  We’re doing this because the new doors will help with security and safety of the students.

Jordan and Glenn AKA “Picasso” were working hard panting the chain link fence in the front of the camp property.  When they asked how far we should paint. Jorge, a missionary at the camp just pointed to the horizon.  This is where the language barrier brought much joy, and both laughed and kept on going ??

After Lunch, Luke, Nick, and John Z., started on the foundation of a storage building by the pool house.  They were hard at work with Ruben, the facilities manager here at the camp, and Jorge mixing concrete.  The footers were laid, first row of blocks set, and tomorrow we plan on pouring the floor. 

Besides the construction projects, the Chapel raised funds, and through the help of a few good Christians brought down twenty Chromebooks.  These blessings will help the missionary students at the Word of Life Camp while they attend Bible College in Argentina for a year.  Where God willing, they will multiply belivers as they learn how to share the gospel and the word of God.  We installed software, provided basic training, shared techniques in self educational tools.  Check out the thank you video linked below!!


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