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Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 6

Hungary Trip 2022 - Day 6

Mar 11 9:48 PM
Mar 11 9:48 PM


Day 6 in Hungary 

Today was the day we all were scared of…(and by all of us, I mean myself) Random evangelizing… For introverted people, like myself, the thought of walking up to complete strangers and starting conversations with them (take out the fact that we are in a foreign country) has never sounded like a fun time to me. Funny enough, God has a specialty of taking the things we are most uncomfortable with and using those things to accomplish His goals. (I mean if Moses couldn’t barter his way out of Egypt, why would I think I could this week) This entire week I have been thinking that maybe everyone forgot about the “randoms” as the missionaries affectionately nick-named them, but of course… they did not. We split into groups of two and walked around the universities nearby walking up to people, introducing ourselves/ our organization, and asking if they would be interested in taking a ten-minute survey. *This was actually the first time the “Crew” team was using their new survey tool called “soularium.” Basically, we have a stack of fifty cards with different pictures on them. We then ask five questions where they have to answer the question by choosing three of the pictures and explaining why they picked those pictures. The questions are designed to provoke deeper, theological conversations in a non-threatening manner.* At first, it was a little difficult finding people because it was a Friday afternoon and most students had left for the weekend, but after a couple of minutes, each of the teams started to find people who were willing. One team actually talked to two guys for about 45 minutes about the gospel and gave them information to get connected to “Crew.” I went with one of the missionaries and I, as I said, was super nervous. We met a girl who agreed to take the survey and as soon as I started talking to her, everything changed and I realized why this ministry is so important. This girl had never heard the gospel being presented to her and didn’t actually know who Jesus is or anything about Christianity. She is struggling with a lot in her life right now, and said she has been searching for something missing in her life, she just can’t figure out how to find it. We were able to use the survey to open the door to give her the gospel presentation and she said she would like to follow up with us to know more about Christianity and what makes it different than everything else she has heard about. If I would have let my own insecurities get in the way, this girl may have left school without hearing about the only thing that can save and heal her life. As much as I was afraid for today, I am so glad I went, and although I’m sure I will still have some nerves the next time, I am actually excited to do it again. 

After the “randoms” everyone finished setting everything up for the event at Gönczy. We all had a group prayer before the event, then waited for the children to show up. The event went well and all the people who showed up had a lot of fun, and we had some great conversations in our small groups after with the students. We are hoping this will be the first event of many at their new building and that God will keep showing up and changing lives. 

Please pray for everyone we met today at the university campus that God will reveal Himself to them and they can have their own relationship with Him. Please also pray for the ministry at Gönczy that the students will show up and that God will transform lives there. 

The Hungarian word of the day is “menjünk haza” which means “let’s go home” because we will be heading back to the states Sunday morning! 

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