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Video Blog: Arriving Daily at Zion

Posted by Jenn Booth on

    Above are three very short videos to show you what it is like to arrive at Zion each day. From the famous blue gates to the school children awaiting our arrival, and the songs they were singing when we arrived.

These kids are learning at a very young age whose they are! It's been wonderful to see! The kids (and adults) of Zion are a huge inspiration.

We most recently worked toward finishing the beautification of a courtyard area by planting trees and painting, we served the children their noontime meal, we have visited classrooms of all ages from "the baby class" through the brand new Form 1 (first year for secondary school at Zion), have assisted with teaching in those classes, have done targeted speaking with Pastors Wives, Men's groups, and Women's Groups, and have had lots of play time with the kids too!  

Our next adventures take us into the heart of the slum and to Massai tribe for evangelism and fellowship. We will keep you updated.  


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