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Um... I want to sing with you!

Posted by Team Leader on

Today we went to a park in Louisville called Petersburg Park. I wasn't very excited at first as all we were told was mulch is our new best friend, later to find we were moving a lot of mulch. I had tons of fun surprisingly. We mulched around trees at this park and at the end, luckily, went to the water pad to cool off. Starting at 11:30, I did check in at the Kids Club. I was very excited about this and I met a lot of new people that had amazing personalities. I saw a couple kids from last year which made me super happy and I loved to come back and see them again. Today was a very impacted day by God I saw lots facets of God. The 10-12 age stepped up today and showed how much care they had for the younger kids. On the opposite end of the deal, the younger kids were so full of life I just had to smile all day. Two kids really stuck out to me and they were both 6. Ramsey and Chris "Diego". These two kids were full of energy, Godly energy. They loved to see other people smile and were always willing to do whatever. Specifically, Ramsey asked me today if I could stay all week and I told him we were, I have never gotten such a passionate hug. He was the most caring loving 6 year old I have ever met. These kids had a passion for God, praising him all day, was unbelievable. I couldn't have asked for a better group of little kids. I have had more fun than I could have imagined on this trip.

Ryan Jardine

Today was our second day at Salvation Army South, and I can already tell we are making a difference. We usually start the children in the gym before gently herding them into Chapel. One of the volunteers projects the lyrics to some traditional children's praise songs for them to sing. While a little shy girl named Akiyea is perched on my lap, the leader asks for volunteers. She pulls back my hair and whispers in my ear, "Um.. I want to sing with you! Can you please come with me? It'll be fun!". So of course I lead her up to the front of the Chapel and she sings praises to the Lord and dances with all her other friends, sneaking gleeful smiles my way. I realize that I helped her create that memory, and all of my teammates have also been able to create personal experiences that have been able to lead that child closer to God. I am so glad that I will be able to go back tomorrow and hopefully have more opportunities to show them the love of Jesus.

Anna Mares


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