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Travel Day

Posted by Team Leader on

We got up at the crack of dawn to be at the airport at 4a.m. for our flight that left Pittsburgh. As we checked our bags this morning, we realized that we forgot to mark a checked bag. However, the issue was not fully resolved--we don't have the bag, but we are trusting that God will still provide in His timing.

In our connecting flight in Houston, we sprinted from our arriving gate to the Houston gate for our flight going to Panama. We actually were walking up to the gate as they started to board. Thank God that we made it! 

After we arrived in Panama City, Traci met up with us and we went to Metro Amigo to see the kids at the orphanage. After that, we ate dinner at her son, Caleb's restaurant.

We are ready for some rest after a long day. We're looking forward to church in the morning!



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