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The work begins

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello all,

Thank you for your continued prayer and support! Today the Lord answered many of your prayers in wonderful ways, and I am confident that He will continue to do so over the next several days!

Our team was split up into two groups today. One half went to one of the larger universities in the city with the purpose of sharing the gospel with students on their lunch or study breaks. The other half went into a local high-school to participate with a program called FEK (pronounced fake), which stands for youth on the threshold of life.

Through the Lord's favor, this program has been taught in Hungarian schools since the days of communism. The government knows that we are with a Christian organization, but they value the life skills that we teach students so much that they ask us to come in and continue to run the program in english for their students.

This week our topic is how to live a successful life, and while we are not sharing the gospel outright during our large group time, we had the opportunity to really challenge students to think about what a truly successful life looks like by asking them how will they determine if they lived a successful life when they look back on it on their death beds. Many of our students had never thought so intentionally about the trajectory of their life or the value of their actions day to day. We were able to share with them our understanding of what ultimately determines the success or lack thereof in every action, and we also invited them to a Friday night event where the gospel will be shared very directly!

Please join us in praying for the wonderful Hungarian students that we interacted with today. Pray that the seeds planted would take root and that these young people would be inspired to come to our Friday evening gathering with their questions to hear the answer!


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