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The great exploration

Posted by Team Leader on

Today was an extraordinary day for our team.  We enjoyed a morning breakfast together to fuel up for our excursion to the Hungarian market.  It was packed full of clothing, flea market goods, hot foods, meats, vegetables, fruit and an ALDI's!!  It was so busy at the market, people literally PUSHED their way through the narrow aisles.  All ages of people were buying their groceries and goods for the week, along with thousands of tourists looking for gift for loved ones back home.  
     After the market, we walked a few miles to the Bazilika to see St. Stephen's severed hand. We then boarded a pleasure boat for an hour long cruise on the Danube River. The view of Budapest was breathtaking!
     Finally, we had our opportunity to celebrate our love of the Lord and the week we spent together reaching young people in Hungary.  There was amazing stories, fellowship, and delicious Hungarian food.  We enjoyed being together one last night.  We have made friends for a lifetime!  We praise God for our trip together!  Off we go back home tomorrow!!!

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