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Thailand Trip Spring 2019 - Day 5 Boat on Bhumibol Reservoir

Posted by Glenn Delich on

Since mid day yesterday we've been in a somewhat isolated setting saying on 2 very large pontoon type boats on a reservoir.  This has been part of our 2 day get away or retreat for the girls.  They have never had such an experience before.  We continued our study of Princess Lost which is a story of redemption for a child who had been exploited.  Despite what the child in the story had experienced, she had always been God's Princess.  Today we finished the 11th of 12 chapters.  Princess Regina was released from her captivity into the light of the Father, yet cannot grasp her forgiveness and perfect standing before Him.  Something we all struggle with at times.  A gift of grace too good to be true... Yet it is.


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