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Thailand Spring 2019 - Day 2 at Faith House

Posted by Dee Johnson on

Heather led our 4th lesson with the Faith House girls “The Princess and her Papa King” from our storybook Princess Lost. A tale about a Princess Regina who gets captured by goblins and then released through the sacrifice of her grandmother. As the girls listened to the close relationship of Princess Regina and her Papa King (God), we helped them process the grief and loss of their families through abandonment, neglect, abuse and even being sold or trafficked.

Alex shared his own story of being abandoned by his father at age 14 and the walls he constructed to safeguard his heart. He had drawn an isolated castle to represent his feeling of being alone and lonely. Through tears he shared his pain and also the healing God enables as we share our story with others. The flood gates opened as many girls processed their own grief and loss.
Each girl drew in their journals for about a half hour processing their pain and loss, while others cried in our arms. As I comforted Tharit, Alex handed his castle picture to her and said, “Here my sister.” Tharit snatched the picture and hugged it to her chest and said, “Thank you my brother!”

We gathered and sang about our Good Good Father and embraced one another. Our mentoring manual Princess Found explains, “Remembering and mourning losses is positive and even an act of worship.” (p.49) Wow! We really worshipped with these girls today. Please continue to pray for them as they process neglect, abandonment and abuse- as we have 8 lessons to go!!

Dee for the Thailand Team


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Taffy Apr 2, 2019 4:35pm

Praying for God’s healing in each tender heart!