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Thailand Spring 2019 - Day 1 at Faith House

Posted by Brenda Tenison on

What a great first day with everyone at Faith House!  We spent the day teaching three lessons - one on emotions, one on trust, and one on the Holy Spirit using a story of Princess Regina.  We did a trust exercise with the girls where they were separated into groups and then everyone in the group was blindfolded except for one girl.  She then lead the rest of the girls around an obstacle course with each of them hanging onto each other's shoulders.  Lots of squeals and giggles!  Girls are the same not matter where you go in the world.  

Alex Hines spent some time today fixing several guitars that needed repair and knew exactly what to do.  He loves music and technology and is a great person to have along on this trip.

The girls received journals as a part of the Princess Regina story and they are so excited to get something that is theirs and theirs alone.  They share a room with 3-4 other girls and have very little they call their own so these are very special possessions for them.  We will use the journals throughout our story of Princess Regina so they will use them all week long.  Deana on staff at The Bible Chapel created emoji booklets that they also love.  They used them to help identify which emotions they were feeling on the inside and which emotions they display on the outside.

We ended the evening with postcards from staff at The Bible Chapel and Sarris chocolates on their pillows as a "turndown" service.

Tomorrow we will continue with our lessons on remembering important relationships, dealing with shame, scared and lonely feelings incorporating painting and collage making with relevant scripture verses.

Thank you so much for your prayers! God has been so present in this trip and we pray he will do glorious things.  These are very special girls who love the Lord with all their hearts.


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Anonymous Apr 2, 2019 5:17pm

Incredible, the many thoughtful things you have done for the girls. How precious are your gifts!
Mary Dunbar

Carolyn Evanovich Apr 2, 2019 10:58pm

May God love these girls through you! May He give you the words they need to hear, and give you the inner strength to meet their daily needs. God Bless you!