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Thailand Spring 2019- Day 4- Thai Guest House

Posted by Heather Magnotti on

Answered prayers! It took weeks for Maria to obtain legal permission for the girls to be able to travel outside of Mae Sot during our time here with them. In fact, final approval was just days before we arrived! So, this morning we packed everyone up and drove about 3 hours north right outside of Mae Ping National Park and the Ping River. We were able to get through all checkpoints (no stops!) and arrive safely to the Thai guest house for one night.

After a special lunch, and rest, Jodi DeTemple led the girls through Chapter 9 of our Princess Lost, Princess Found book on seeking love. She shared her journey of seeking approval for God's love, when all along, it was a free gift for her. She shared that no matter what, love wins and overcomes hate.

Then, the girls were thrilled to go swimming! The smiles on their faces were a beautiful site for us to see as we jumped in the cool refreshing water to join them. Who knew Dee once was a swim instructor! We helped a few girls learn some swim basics, bounced the beachballs, and some could jump and swim in the deep end.

Freshened up, we ate another special meal together. The girls had quite the appetites! Their energy returned and they gladly jumped to their feet and helped move tables out of the way to make room for games. This was a highlight for me to lead! Not only smiles this time, but squeals of delight, cheers of excitement, and laughter filled the room. Small groups untied their "human knots" (see Glenn stuck in a knot in the picture). They picked sides of the room for the "Extremes, where do you stand" game, dancing and posing for their favorite things. Then, they settled down to tables of Uno, Jenga, coloring pages, clap games, and even arm wrestling. Girls just being girls, and mostly uniting in their interests and unique God-given differences. Please pray they continue to learn to love and accept each other as this can be a challenge for any group of girls.

This special time is happening due to your generosity and faithful prayers. I am beyond humbled and grateful to be the hands and feet.


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