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Testimonies, Leadership and Fellowship

Posted by Glenn Delich on

It’s hard to know where to begin when our time here has been so blessed and we’ve enjoyed so many high points. The past two evenings we’ve shared testimonies with the girls of Faith House. I noticed as Vonnie & Scott did their testimonies the girls couldn’t take their eyes off them and hung on every word. Both testimonies were so powerful giving the girls a deeper appreciation of the power of the gospel in changing lives. Several of the girls gave their testimonies as well which was very moving. One of the girls spoke of her struggle & sadness in growing up without parents but in time Christ has replaced that sadness with hope and encouragement. I look forward to more testimonies as our week comes to a close.

I’m also very thankful that the staff of Faith House has found our time here with them to be of great encouragement. They’ve repeatedly shared with us how thankful they are we’re here. We’ve spent two of the days doing leadership and team building training at their request and the results are promising. Today Scott, Jaclyn, and Ashley provided staff training on the structure & flow of the worship service and children’s church.

We also had the opportunity tonight to take the girls, almost 30 of them, out to dinner. That is an extremely rare treat for them and it was just so nice to see them enjoy themselves. Finally, if I could ask you to pray for the girls that they would know the depth of God’s love for them and His perfect plan for their future which is filled with great promise.


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Karen Pash Feb 23, 2018 9:02am

It must be a huge challenge for these girls to know the depth of God's love for them in light of their traumatic experiences of the past. But the love you are showing them is the path for them to transition from God's love to begin to trust and feel safe with people again. Your team is surely standing in that gap, bridging God's love with their lives today and their hope for the future. Our prayers are covering you daily.