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Tell the World of the Treasure You Found

Posted by Team Leader on

It's so beautiful how God stirs our affections. This week was full of discovery, challenge, and beauty. In the past two days, the Holy Spirit was so evident in everything here at camp. The leaders here at the Word of Life camp waste no time sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So many kids came to know the Lord or were wrestling with what the cross means to them.

We have heard many testimonies from different workers and some of the counselors at camp. Some were able to be a part of Ana Panama when it existed. One testimony really stuck out today. Carlos, who had a really rough childhood, shared his testimony to the group of us today. It really shook many of us. From abandonment, to living on the streets at 8 years old, to not being able to even attend school, then to having cancer.

It was very difficult to listen and not burst into tears as Carlos was sharing. Someone who couldn’t control his circumstances, didn’t have the choice to be born into a good family, didn’t choose to get cancer was sitting in front of us sharing this treasure that he found. Jesus. Even through all of his circumstances, he knew God was in control. As he was talking about being in the hospital, he said that the doctors told him he wasn’t going to live. His live was over. That wasn’t Gods plan. People were praying that Carlos would be healed. Then miraculously he started vomiting white blood cells. The cancer. God heals his people. Carlos is just one of the many people here in this camp that have had a very hard life.

As we have been looking around, these kids have such a harsh reality and for one week they get to experience a joy that they do not normally get to be around. They get to find this treasure that saves their soul, gives them hope, and does miracles in their lives. Jesus is the most significant and most beautiful thing in this life. We need to grasp onto this reality, bear our cross as we wait for the crown, and tell the world of the treasure we’ve found.



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Carol Jan 26, 2018 7:52am

That is an amazing story and so proud of you Carmen for being there to pray and have great times with the children.. keep up the great work you are doing... God Bless