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Tearful and Joyful Goodbyes (Women’s Panama Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

There were a lot of tears.

As the group was waiting for busses to pick them up after the morning worship and another message from Garciella, women and girls, one by one came up front to share. To share their gratitude, lessons learned, takeways, struggles and joys. Each talked about the impact that the conference had on them and expressed the appreciation for the opportunity to attend.

We had just finished helping making lunch boxes – we were actually allowed to help in the kitchen! – when a group of women from an Indian village said they wanted to share something with us. As a token of gratitude they had brought handmade traditional dresses that they made just for us, in bright colors and with intricate embroidery. It was a humbling experience to accept such a gift from women who probably don’t even have a bank account, as they came in a group and brought their young ones to hear the word of God – they were off on a seven hour journey back home now.

That was all before noon. 

Black sand and a turquoise shoreline of the Pacific. We enjoyed the sound of crashing waves and the views of mountains. A team dinner and a meeting at the camp concluded another memorable day in Panama.

Before we know it we will be back in Pittsburgh. Another Monday. Yet just like all these women we are bringing back what we have learned and what touched us.  

Thank you for your support. This has been incredible. 


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