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Team 2 Has Arrived in Panama!

Posted by Team Leader on

Hola amigos! 
Team two had a really awesome travel day! Not totally uncommon to run into people you know at the PGH airport,  but we were on the same flight as one of the missionaries the Bible Chapel supports, and another couple who has been highly involved with Panama missions from the Chapel. We were all able to have lunch together which was such a cool gift! Shout out to Robin and The Finks! After leaving cold, snowy Pittsburgh, we had a quick layover in Miami, and before we knew it we were in Panama! It’s cool to think that from Pittsburgh, the camp we are headed to is literally on the same longitudinal line, but very south! 
There are five of us so it was nice to be able to be in two rows on the planes and be close.  In true Fernando (the one with the pink ear protection ;)) fashion, he went missing to the bathroom on the plane. As we got the “prepare for landing” announcement, we were a bit concerned because he wasn’t back yet and had been gone a while.  I glanced back and saw him sitting down in the back appearing to have a deep conversation with someone I couldn’t see.  Fernando got to share the gospel with an inquisitive and curious flight attendant that asked about our yellow Panama 2020 t-shirts that contain the Scripture reference for the great commission.    How wonderful! 

We’ve already had a fair bit of practice with our Spanish in the planes and airports, so it’s a great segway into camp! We’re all so ready for Monday when the campers will arrive! 

We got about an hour of overlap with the Week 1 team where we got to debrief a bit with them and hear some of their stories from the week.  It was great to get that little bit of time together! 

Praises: Travel mercies! We had a smooth trip and had a lot of help! Each got 3 free check bags (amazing) and every one of them was stuffed to the brim with donations, (15 bags!!). For opportunities to share with others. So grateful for your prayers!

Prayer requests: A constant posture of gratefulness for everything-even the refining challenges. That we would each be emptied of ourselves this entire week, ready to serve. That many children will come to camp and will receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. For unity between all involved in running the camp. For the health and safety of the children. That all glory and honor be given to Him, in everything, and everywhere at camp.  For the flight attendant Fernando shared with today. And lastly, one of our 15 bags made it to Panama, but must have been picked up by someone with a similar bag, so we’re hoping that it gets returned soon!

Until tomorrow,

Amy, Julie, Jon, Brian, and Fernando



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Roger Jan 19, 2020 4:24pm

Thanks for the report. Our ABF included Team 1 in prayer for their work last week, and Team 2 for work in the upcoming week. Thanks for the specific requests. Keep the blog posts coming with updates during the week. Praying hearts will be changed this week.

Jon Jan 20, 2020 11:50am

Roger - Thanks for you and ABF prayers and love from Pittsburgh! God Bless!