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Sr. High NY trip Day 6!

Posted by Jeremy Adams on

Perhaps the most impactful event of the week was when my crew and I went and viewed hurricane damage on coastal houses. The work, cost, and damage to raise a house to help avoid future flood damages is huge. It really helped to understand the need in the community for our repair work.

–Isaac Nice 12th grade

I’ve been pushed a whole lot this week. I have met so many new people that I would never think to talk to and I have made amazing friends. This week was an opportunity to push myself into doing different jobs and I had a great week.


This entire week has been nothing but great and it opened my eyes to see that I need to get on the right path again. It also was able to answer all the questions I had and I met some really special people that I want to continue to talk to after the trip.         

-Jordan Dyer 12th grade

This trip opened up a lot of doors for me. I did many things I never imagined I would do. I jumped off a bridge, put up drywall, and I met many new people I would have never tried to talk.       

Mark O’Donnell 10th grade

Honestly, this trip has been absolutely amazing! I have tried many new things, including using a sawzall and many other blades to cut wood. Also, I jumped off of a bridge multiple times throughout the past couple of days, and, let me tell you, it was DEFINITELY refreshing after the beautiful 80-degree weather! I have also met some absolutely amazing people, including Frankie and Dennis’s family. I will definitely miss Long Island! I’m so grateful for this blessing of an experience!


McKenzie Oliver 12th grade

This was my first trip, and, I must say, it was amazing. From painting fences for 3 days straight to jumping off bridges and even to washing each other’s feet. Our experiences have been diverse, fun, and full of learning about each other and God. I can’t wait for my next trip.

~Alexis Wright 10th Grade

I thought that this trip was eye-opening and inspiring for me. Despite the fact that this was my second mission trip, I learned a ton more about myself as a Christian and the improvements I can make to live in a more Godly way. My favorite part of this trip was eating New York style pizza and getting to go to the beach for a brief time.

~ Jen Grainger 10th Grade

This week was one I will remember for the rest of my life. Each day we did so much work, but it was more fun than I expected. At the start of the week I barely knew anyone in my group but now I cannot only tell you their names but I have a story that can go with it. It felt great to take a week and come to Long Island to do the Lord’s work.

~ Eric McCartney 11th Grade

This week was quite an amazing experience. I had my doubts on this trip seeing as I knew almost nobody and my anxiety was rising. But with so many strong Christians surrounding me, I made new friends for life. I especially liked working by demoing a kitchen and working with a fantastic team. I thank God for the wonderful time I had here.

~ Matthew James 12th Grade

This was a week full of surprises. Before this missions trip, a lot of my friends dropped out and I did not feel like I would be able to be friends with the people going on this trip. But God is good and everything in His plan always works out. I made some new amazing friends and I was able to reconnect with old friends from a past mission trip. I thank God for the time I had on this trip because I was pushed to do things I did not want to do.

~ Brock Piechnick, Freshman College

This trip was easily one of my favorite mission trips, but it wasn’t my favorite for the reasons that I thought it would be. I thought that the construction aspect of the trip would make it one to remember, but it turned out that the people on our team, who I laughed with, shared with, and in general did life with, made this trip one to remember.

~Ian Rankin 10th Grade

Mission trips are always the highlight of my summer, and this trip was no exception. This trip has taught me so many things and brought me closer to so many people. I made many memories and have grown closer to God along side amazing people. My group was full of great people and together we were able to accomplish many tasks and bond with the people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

~Alia Piechnick 11th Grade

This was my third mission trip and my first construction mission trip. This trip is one I will never forget. I was so anxious to come because I did not know many people, but I turned out making lots of friends and growing deeper in my faith. I was stretched in so many ways and I learned so much about myself.

~Bella Passieu 10th Grade

One of the biggest things I will take away from this trip is the power of relationships, testimonies, and being a servant. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about the situation these people are living in day-to-day following the disaster and be a small part of the work God is doing in this community.

~Zoe Rankin 12th Grade

This was my second mission trip with The Bible Chapel, and I’ve been changed each time whether it was growing closer to God or blessing the people I meet. This week everyone worked really hard and had fun with it, too. I made new friends and grew closer with people in my group. Also, being blessed with meeting a few people that we worked with, and hearing there stories dealing with the challenges and changes they have overcome the past 5 years and will never forget this trip.

~Zach Dyer 10th Grade

As this being my second mission trip I am so blessed to say I had another life-changing experience. Coming on this trip I was so lost and in fear of not making friends and not having a family to serve, but God shined his light through from all the unconditional love from my sisters and brothers in Christ that helped me grow and draw closer to Our Savior. This mission trip has taught me so much and opened my eyes to how great Our God is.

~Britney Wehrle 12th Grade

This trip has allowed me to become closer with new people and with old friends from a past trip. I came into this trip to be the hands and feet of God rather than have more of a social time. I was worried when I first found out there was no family at our work site that I would not be able to connect with anyone. But our leader had the wonderful idea of sharing testimonies, which allowed our crew to grow closer and more like a family. I thank God for the time and experiences I have had this past week, as well as the relationships I have made.

~Olivia De Leo 12th Grade

So, this week was very amazing. The way that I saw God was absolutely incredible. It was difficult for me to stay away from home and my loved ones for the week. But, thankfully, God helped me through it and helped me to conquer our goals. My crew was amazingly efficient. I thank God and everyone who had prayed from home to let me experience this fantastic trip.

~Shawn Myers 10th Grade

This week was a very productive week. All the crews manage to accomplish what they sent out for while at the same time we were able to worship the Lord. I felt like we got a good amount of work done for the amount of time we had.

~Carson Glenn 10th Grade

What a great week! It’s incredible to know that there are people still trying to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, which was 5 years ago. This week was a mission trip, not only from the work we did but also living conditions…no AC, freezing cold showers and humid!!! We never heard complaints from the students; they truly came to be humble servants by serving the community and each other. God is great!!!

~Lorraine Shipman, Trip Leader

God has been glorified this week through these students and leaders while here in Long Island! They have done an amazing job worshiping, through serving our Lord and the wonderful people and churches we met. It is a tragedy to know that many of these people are just now getting back in their homes, but incredible to see their spirits are not broken and to hear how Next Step Ministries has been such a blessing over the years since. It is a joy to serve with these students and adults who came and gave so generously and faithfully. We have much to be grateful for because they are changing the world!

~Jeremy Adams, Pastor of Senior High


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