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Sr. High NY trip Day 3!

Posted by Jeremy Adams on

Dear fiends and family:

I am SO excited to explain to you guys my experience from my trip (aka Long Island) far! Basically, my group and I (Bob the Builders) drove down to two homes that were affected by hurricane Sandy a few years back. It was breath taking, seeing how some water can really change lives (for better and worse). We met four fantastic people, and each of them told their stories, and they affected me GREATLY. We met Frank, who lost many of his things and memories throughout the storm. However, even though what he survived was drastic, he still continued to stay strong throughout his testimony and continue his faith. He’s inspired me greatly to continue to be humble and grateful for what I have been blessed with.

Every single minute that we spent with him, he has continuously showed how grateful and happy he is to be blessed with aid, even if it wasn’t much. Basically, he has a hard time to let go of some of his things, considering he didn’t grow up with much. So, my crew and I removed some things from his home that he didn’t currently need, and we organized it in his self-storage. He was so happy to see that he is finally getting help after many years of struggle, and I was so glad to be a part of God’s hands and feet that brought him so much happiness. I loved how golden and warm his heart was, and he always considered our health more than anything. I have grown so much respect for Frank, and I know that God has answered many of his prayers. I know for fact that he will continue to strongly grow in his faith. He will always hold a special place in my heart.


McKenzie Oliver

Dear friends and family,

The trip is going well, our group, dubbed group five so alive, has worked on repairing a kitchen and basement of a house that will serve as housing for a future pastor, while not working on a house directly effected by hurricane

Sandy, the team had worked incredibly efficiently. This was shown how in a mere two days, the kitchen walls were completely gutted, down to the studs, the cabinets were cleared out of the kitchen, and all that remained was a sink, oven and refrigerator. In addition, mold had encased the old, humid, and vacant basement. To prepare for a proper coat of paint, we cleared the dust off the walls and painted mold-killing primer over them. Tomorrow, we will continue to finish priming the basement and possibly lay down fresh drywall. I say possibly because we may need to change some electrical routing as well before sealing it in with drywall. As head of devotions for our small group, I had witnessed a remarkable progress in our teammate’s spiritual lives as well.

While leading lunch devotionals, consisting of a story, scripture reading, and questions, I had the opportunity to hear a number of Student leader testimonies and as well as testimonies from students. I hope to be able to produce an enjoyable testimony tomorrow. Their stories are incredible; hearing about how they trusted God throughout their lives or came to know him at a later age is crazy. Just like this week so far.

~Isaac Nice

Today, Crew 2 worked together to accomplish more work than we expected we would. With collaborative teamwork, we were able to successfully repaint two stairways, a portion of a hallway, five doorways, a door, and cut wood for chair rails. Though we had a lot of projects to accomplish, we made sure to have fun in the process by jamming out to some music. David, a leader at our work site, added to the pride that we had in our work by mentioning that our project turned out exactly as he wanted it to. Later, during our lunch devotionals, the whole group shared a story about our personal life that reflected how someone we knew had a Godly impact on us. This experience seemed to inspire and open up the group discussion and bring us closer together as a team.

~Jen Grainger


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