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Sr. High NY mission trip Day 4!

Posted by Jeremy Adams on

Today crew 5 had a very productive day finishing the basement and doing more demo work in the kitchen. We finished painting all of the primer on the walls and we took out the floor in the kitchen. During lunch we got into deep discussions while doing our lunch devotions. We talked about how we want to stay where we are comfortable, but God wants us to go out of our comfort zones for him. We finished work early today and got to go out and see the houses that were directly impacted by the hurricane. It was devastating to see that houses are still being totally redone after Sandy hitting five years ago. It also showed me how blessed we are to have homes that are livable. We then went to a bay and some of us got to share our testimonies. Sharing the testimonies brings us closer together as a group and lets us be deep and emotional with each other. This brings us together and lets us share a special bond.

-Bella Passieu

Hello all,

I can honestly say today was the best day yet, especially for crew three. Today was occupied by finishing a three-day fence-painting project, chopping and measuring dry wall (which is almost finished too!), and bridge jumping. Around lunch, our crew got together and took a break to go to the Meaddower Park Bridge to take the plunge into a canal 20-ish feet below. Even though when one thinks mission trip they also think work, our Next Step Leader told us as every week comes to an end, his team has the tradition to leap from that bridge. Of course, we had no intention of breaking that streak. Overall, the beginning of the day was filled with fun, laughter, and beautiful moments of team bonding. In fact, while having a cannonball competition, we all saw rainbows amongst the splashes of water, and it reminded me of how lucky we all were to be free and have the lives god gave us so lovingly.

The second half, however, was more on the serious end, with powerful testimonies of leaders during dinner devotions. It all revolved around one theme, despite each story being massively diverse: relentlessness. God is relentless and, even in other crew members’ testimonies, it was proved that constant struggle may come in periods, but God yearns for you to believe in him and accept him whole-heartedly. Even then, Jeremy, our Sr. High Leader mentioned the powerful words of how God gave up his only son for our lives. Needless to say, every bit of this night was emotional. All of these stories and words came together, many of us cried, but I can honestly say that everyone has grown closer to God each day, especially today, including me, my crew, and all of our leaders. Truly, the end of today wrapped up each of our starting points of this morning, and we all knew one thing as the night came: we are loved. 

~Alexis Wright

Day three… what an adventure! Between a productive day at the work site, and deep personal Devos, Gods love has never been clearer! The team fellowship is so deep and intimate, that people would think we have been working together for multiple weeks! “Tribulation makes perseverance, and perseverance, character, and from character, comes hope.”- Romans. Whether in large or small groups, all worship and prayer becomes deep and personal in the sense that God is speaking directly to you.

Everyday has brought a new workload and challenge, but even this far into the week, God has empowered us so greatly that the only way we get through is because the joy of the Lord is our only true strength! I am overjoyed to be with the people I’m with this week, and if we keep going the way we’re going, we can choose to remain joyful no matter what! God is great, and God is good!

- Ronnie Gorecki


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