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Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 4

Posted by Team Leader on

Welcome back to Day 4 of our mission trip blog!

Crew 3 (Miles): My group was placed at the house of a man named Brian. The main thing we worked on today and yesterday was the flooring in one of the upstairs rooms. This room already had some flooring in it, but there was not enough to finish the room, and the kind of flooring in that room had been discontinued. We tore up the old flooring, which covered most of the room, and began replacing it with the new flooring. This room had an especially strange shape; it had a panhandle and a drywall pillar in the middle of it, so we had to cut almost all the planks so that they fit in and around these shapes. Over the course of today and yesterday, we were able to cover most of the floor with the new flooring after tearing up the old planks. In addition to this, we painted a wall and scraped and repainted two door frames. As a thank you gift, Brian bought pizza and chicken wings for the crew, and we all took a group photo.

Crew 5 (Autumn and Anna): As this marks the last day, I would like to take some time to reflect on our amazing leader from Next Steps, Dylan. Throughout the week, we have had the blessing of hearing more and more of his insanely inspiring testimony. One could never guess that he is only a Christian of one year with his extensive knowledge of the Bible and just overall fire for Christ. It was amazing to see how his life has made a complete turnaround from living in a lost world to fully rely on God’s plan for his life and taking it one day at a time. He demonstrated his complete trust in the Lord numerous times during the trip, all in completely unique ways that left us amazed. The first was during a conversation with him, where he replied to questions involving his plans for the future, that he would “see what Jesus has in store because he has taken him this far”. The second way he demonstrated his love of Jesus was through patience, even when we messed up over and over again while working. The last way he exercised his love of God was through his avid participation in our devotional discussions. We would be done with a specific question, figuring we had covered it all when he would bring up a complex concept that would completely change our views or cause us to re-evaluate our opinions. Overall, we are so blessed to have the chance to hang out with him this week.

Crew 6 (Luke): (This is my first time doing a blog by the way) Today, my group had the privilege of finishing a deck we’ve been working on all week. When we first started, there were only six wooden posts in the ground - that was it. Just a backyard with wooden posts and some confused teenagers. Fast forward 23 ½ hours, and we’ve got a fully functioning deck, with rails, steps, and everything. Although we couldn’t see the reaction of Michelle, the homeowner, it was really beautiful to see a job well done by a group of people brought together under the Lord. The best part for me was how no one in our group knew each other, but by the end of the week, we were as close as close could get. Thinking back, all the sweat in my eyes, all the hammer strikes to the finger, and all the constant Sten jokes were all worth it. 10/10 would deck again.

Crew 7 (Coleman): This morning we went back to the second house that we were flooring.  One of our teammates asked why we were in this neighborhood and we found the answer.  The floor we were redoing was being done in hopes to rent out that room as a studio apartment so they can save their house.  As we were talking to the homeowner, we discovered that she was really grateful and extremely involved with our group. When we would come, she would be out on her porch and welcoming us, letting us use her upstairs bathroom, giving us water, and letting us play with her 3 dogs.  Today, we finished our job and as her mom was viewing the room, she was telling us that she was Catholic and that her friend had just died and that he was saved. We were sad to hear that her friend died, but that Christ was already there and impacting others’ lives. As our prayers go out to her and her family, we are grateful for all that they have shown us and all that we are taking home from this trip. It is with the love of Christ that we are here and by the grace of God that we are in the position to help others here in Long Island! I want to thank everyone who is praying and who supported this trip because they are not the only ones who have been changed.  Our whole team has been impacted by the love of God and allowed us to grow closer together as well.

Our last workday was awesome! God has been doing wonderful things in our hearts this week, and we are grateful to be here. Thanks for reading!


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