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Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 3

Posted by Team Leader on

Welcome back to our mission trip blog! Here are Day 3's highlights:

Crew 3 (Belle): Today, my crew and I worked on the same house that we did for the past two days. We painted baseboards, grouted tiles, replaced some flooring, and fixed up doorframes. We had several conflicts with the flooring, but we were able to talk it out and think of solutions. If there was one thing that I really enjoyed today, it was when the homeowner sat down with us during lunch and told us more about him, his story, and the community. Comparing the house from day one to now, we made a lot of progress, which shows that God is working hard in our lives and others.

Crew 5 (Bella): Today, my crew and I split up into two separate groups. One did drywall in one of the rooms of Bethany Church, and the other went outside to build a chair from pieces of 2x4s. My group and I worked on building the chair. It was a great bonding time for us as a team. We got into many heartfelt conversations, and it was amazing to get to know each other on a deeper level. We got the chair built and painted, and we hope it will go in the garden as a prayer chair when it is done. 

Crew 6 (Alia): Today my group, Jones’ Barbeque & Foot Massage, continued to work on the deck that we started Monday. Our task for the day was to finish up the siding and put up the railing, but because of a few snags, we did not finish. Still, we got it started and were able to spend some quality time together and get into some deep conversation during our lunch devotion. Our homeowner, Michelle, has been great and even participated in our devotion on Tuesday. We hope to be able to finish up the deck tomorrow, and I look forward to what the rest of the week holds. 

Crew 7 (Sophie): "Chief Beef! Chief Beef! Chief Beef! Who got the beef? We got the Beef!" That’s our team name and chant - it's the best one, by the way! Today we started a new project and laid flooring in a basement for homeowners Jane and Mark. Today was incredibly humbling because when we first arrived at the house I thought to myself, why would people with such a beautiful home have students from Next Step work on their house? Why couldn’t they hire someone to do it professionally? But as we began to lay the floor, Jane began to tell us about how they hope to rent out their basement as an apartment to bring in more money for their bills. She explained that they are struggling to pay for their house, but if they are unable to afford it now, then it must be what God has planned for them, and He would provide for them in another way. I have always been a person who wants a secure plan, so that amount of uncertainty would rock my world, but seeing someone put all their trust in God was really comforting. It just proved to me that if she can trust in God enough to accept having to give up her home, then I can put my trust in Him to take care of everything that happens in my life. I have been struggling with trust a lot lately, and I believe God put Jane in my life to show me I can put my trust in Him and have certainty in Him. Tomorrow is our last workday, and hopefully, we can finish laying the floor for Jane and Mark!

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow for Day 4. 


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