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Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 2

Posted by Team Leader on

Welcome back! Here are some of today's highlights from each of our crews.

Crew 3 (Caleb P): Today I helped out with a man named Brian. Brian’s home was devasted in hurricane Sandy. I helped them with painting and sanding a door frame so that later on this week we can paint the door frames. One of the best things I have experienced is the great people I have surrounded with me that are here to support me when I am feeling down and help me with anything I am struggling with. I mean, it’s only the second day, and I have already been so impacted by the love of my peers and the love that they have for God. I cannot wait to see what the house will look like when we are finished and how much God will impact me and my peers by the end of this trip.

Crew 5 (Anna M): Today we continued repairing the church we are staying at this week. We painted an outdoor wall with a fresh coat of white paint and repainted a wall and ceiling in one of the church hallways. We accomplished this task by taping a paint stirrer to a large pole and then taping a paint brush on top to cover the 10 ft tall wall with white paint. I would say, however, that the greatest task we accomplished was an eye-opening devotion time. We took two hours to invest in some tough spiritual topics that we realized we were all wrestling with. These topics ranged from free will, what causes faith to die, and even homosexuality. It was amazing to have these usually heated conversations calmly with God and his Scripture at the center of it all. We all have grown significantly closer through learning from each other and sharing our own unique perspectives and thoughts in a safe space. We then shared some laughs as we designed our own personal snails based on our personalities. This all began when our leader from Next Steps, Dylan, posed the question, “Would you rather live a normal life, or receive 500,000 dollars a year but have a 6ft killer snail follow you every day of your life?” We decided the solution would be to convert the snails to Christianity. My snail rides a red tricycle, wears a flower crown, and listens to ABBA. We hope to continue to grow more and learn more as the week progresses in Long Island. 

Crew 6 (Faith O): Today my crew and I continued to help a woman named Michelle at her house. Her family was lucky in that their home was not completely devastated in the hurricane. She spends a ton of her time helping people in the community who were hit hard by the storm. Today, I helped Michelle by screwing in boards onto her new deck! One of the best things I experienced was when Michelle participated in our lunch devotionals; it was so amazing to hear her point of view. I hope we can finish the deck tomorrow!

Crew 7 (Nathan): Today we went to our homeowner’s house to finish laying laminate hardwood flooring.  During our lunch devotions, our group wrestled with the questions: Where do we need God and where do we take him for granted? This caused our group to bond by sharing our answers to the questions which challenged us. Then, during worship, the Spirit was moving, and we had several people break down in tears because of things that they were going through. The spiritual intensity was very high and rushing through everything and personally gave me the chills. I’m so excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow night for day 3!


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