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Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 1

Posted by Jeremy Adams on

Group 7 (Alyssa) –

Today my group (Elaina, Sophie, Coleman, Nathan, Caleb B, Mack, and Duane as out leader) went to a woman named Cira’s house to do flooring in her bedroom. We started out our day by walking to Cira’s house and when we got there we started tearing up the carpet that was on the floor originally, and when it was all off we started putting in the new hardwood flooring. During lunch my group and I had deep conversations about the devotions we did, and Cira had a dog named Reagan who was a mastiff so we spent time with her too. After lunch we got almost finished the rest of the flooring, and we only have about ¼ of it left to do.


Group 6 (Lia) –

Today my group went to a house to finish rebuilding a deck. The owner of the house was Michelle along with her seven month old puppy Layla. We started rebuilding the deck by measuring and cutting up boards then we finished by laying down deck boards in order and screwing them in. Some significant moments were: seeing everyone work together even though we didn’t really know each other that well. Towards the end, Michelle came back from work and was able to tell us her story of living through the hurricane and how it has impacted her and her family's life. Afterwards, we asked to pray for her which she was all too eager to accept. Overall, day 1 was so much fun! I hope day 2 is the same way!


Group 3 (Sarah) –

Today was our first day working in Long Island, New York. Everyone was super excited and ready to find out where they were going for the day. When my team (Tekoa, Belle, Caleb P, Elijah, Miles, Joe, Eric) got to our site the first thing we did is we prayed over the house and the family and the community surrounding it. Then we got to work, and we all joined in community to sand down the walls and caulking, also I learned how to hang dry wall today! We took a break for lunch and my group got into a bunch of deep conversation which was really interesting to hear what everyone’s point of view. Then we got back to work painting and laying trim. During the day the owner of the house was there and one of the leaders and I were able to talk to him and hear his testimony and about his life. Over all today was a great day that I got to spend with some great people glorifying the Lord.


Group 5 (Alex) -

Today was our first day working in Long Island and it was amazing.  Our group was assigned to stay at the church and to help with a few different projects here on campus.  We started by praying and then we got to work.  We divided into even smaller groups and I started by working on taking paint off of a door and repainting it.  We had a whole lot of fun listening to music as we worked and got to know each other.  It was really fun to get to know new people that I hadn’t met or known before the trip. We had lunch and played card games and tricks on some of the people in our group too.  After that we had our devotionals which gave us a great chance to have some discussions about spiritual topics.  We all ended up sharing our testimonies and that was a great experience too.  We all got to know each other better and to encourage one another with our stories. We kept working on the door and also worked to make a new flowerbed at the church.  Afterwards we hung out and played basketball for a while.  We had a great service too as they talked about Plato’s allegory of the cave.  It was a great message with some amazing worship as well.  Overall, it was a great chance to serve along with a lot of fun and a great chance to get to know one another. 

Thank you for reading and look forward to day 2 tomorrow night!


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Sondra Hathaway Jul 15, 2019 11:42pm

We continue to keep you all in our prayers as you serve God with your gifts and love as Jesus did. Continue to be His hands and His feet each day as you shine bright the love inside you! We miss you, Alyssa!! ❤️