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Scavenger Hunts & Apples To Apples

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Today we went to Louisville, Kentucky to start off our mission trip. This morning our group met at The Bible Chapel South Hills Campus to get one last moment all together as one big group. When we first arrived we saw our friends and found out what friends we will be heading down to Kentucky. Once we got the vans loaded up we all went together as a group and prayed before we left. Once we were on the road we had a bag of activities to do. The vans all had great time on their way down to Kentucky. I was placed with my friends and mom in my van and we all had a great time singing and learning new tings about each other. Specifically my car bonded over the scavenger hunt we were given. On the way down we stopped for lunch and while we were there everyone was telling each other about what their van was like. Once we got to the church we were lodging at we got settled and hung out with each other. We met up with another church who is also serving in Louisville and we got to know the students from there. For the rest of the night we worshiped and got deeper with the Word of God. Now everyone is relaxing finishing their devotions and getting ready for bed. I know that I can't wait for serving at Kid's Club tomorrow and learning new things about the people in my group.

Sarah Christensen


I am Nicholas, and I will be telling about the first day on the mission trip.

We started off by taking a seven hour car ride to Louisville, Kentucky. I was happy because I was the DJ for the ride. I played some Beatles and various 90's songs, and had an overall great time on the ride. We got to now each other a bit better over the ride, and made some great memories. We also had a little bit of a food fight :)

Once we made it to the church we are staying at, we set up our beds, played basketball and "Apples to Apples" for a bit, and then ate. After that, we had the evening service. The worship was great, and I liked the message. After that we went into our groups that we are serving in, and then played "Never Have I Ever" to get to know each other. Before bed, we prayed in our individual groups over what we will be doing during the week and what we hope will come over the week.

Nicholas Pash


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Anonymous Jun 19, 2017 5:50am

You all have prepared well for this mission. Each of you is going to be awesome!

The Hathaway's Jun 19, 2017 12:49pm

Keeping you all in prayer as you go out in His name! Thank you for the blog and the pictures - so nice to see!! ❤

Mary Ann Karl Jun 19, 2017 8:47pm

Praying God uses you in ways that will really surprise you. Looking forward to reading your next blog!