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Random Evangelizing (Hungary Trip)

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Today at 9 am. we left the hotel and got on public transportation for a morning of random evangelism at various local universities in the beautiful city of Budapest.  We arrived at one of the downtown squares around 9:30 and waited for other team members to join us.  Everyone arrived by 9:45 and we divided into teams of two people (one American and one Hungarian translator) and each team took different trams to a various university in the city.  I was paired with Gorky and went to the engineering university and we ended up speaking with 3 different students.  Our first student was Patrik, a 21 year old engineering major.  He called himself a Christian and a devote Roman Catholic.  We spoke  to him for an hour and 20 minutes.  I took him thru the 8 question survey that is used for getting to know students and their thoughts and spoke with him for about 30 minutes.  Gorky then spoke Hungarian to him and drew the cross and God's plan of salvation.  We had a lot of good back and forth discussion with him.  He said that he could not comprehend that it was possible to go to heaven by having simple faith and excepting God's gift of His Son thru grace.  We ended our conversion with Patrik without agreement but he heard the gospel and a seed was planted !  Praise God !!

 Student #2 was with a guy that had answered the survey about 6 months ago.  It was a pre-arranged followup meeting CRU had setup with an older student (about 24) that knew English and German very well.  He was very interesting, if fact he is a member of the Hungarian pre-olympic 4 man kayak team.  They practice right on the Danube River in Budapest !   We had a great 45 minute discussion on many things, but in reality he said did not believe in one supreme god.  His thoughts were along buddhist / hindu lines.  He thinks there may be a spirit/soul within most living things.  But if there is something after death, you would come back to an improved life only with hard work to your full potential in this life.  He said this parents did not believe in anything, never attended church and told him that hard work is the only thing one can do to make your life better.  He would not even consider the idea of grace, only that you get everything you can in this life yourself !   Gorky did give him a booklet and told him about FEK.

The third student that we approached did not want to talk with us, so we left after only one minute and looked for others before going to lunch.

Students here in general will have discussions with you - if only to hear Americans talk and practice their English.  Many will tell you their thoughts and beliefs about God.  A lot identify with Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches and call themselves Christians, but they don't understand the free gift concept of salvation thru the blood of Jesus Christ.

Steve Kura


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