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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Posted by Maria Stockman on

We’ve been non-stop busy that first two days of our trip. On Monday, our team traveled from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. to catch a flight to San Salvador, El Salvador, and then to our final destination: San Pedro Sula, Honduras CA. 

As a team of four, we have had the opportunity to stay with families. Shannon and Maria stayed with Alejandro and Lucy, while Jake and Dave stayed with Don Luis and Doña Florencia the first night and Teto and Dania on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Each of the first two days we had breakfast with our host families and then traveled to Villanueva to share the Gospel throughout the village. On Tuesday, we shared with a few families and then invited the children to join our Bible school in the afternoon. It rained on and off on Tuesday during the day, and then in the evening it started raining harder and never stopped. 

In early October, Hurricane Nate soaked the city and caused flooding. Things were still flooded and you can see the remains of the flooding on the roads. Since Tuesday, San Pedro Sula has been on Red Alert because of the heavy rains, which is not common. Most of the roads we were completely underwater, and as a result we needed to pursue alternate routes. Our friend Sergio had a positive outlook on the situation: because of the Red Alert, many of the people in the villages would not go to work and would instead be home for us to share the Gospel with them. We love his encouraging words and spirit.

Maria had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Sonya, who was working at a Pulperia (a small stand-alone convenience store) and she shared her story and the Gospel with her, while Sergio translated. Sonya knew that Jesus was the son of God, but wanted to hear more. Maria went through the Gospel and it was apparent that she understood and she got very emotional. Sergio continued to share more with her and asked her if she wanted to have a relationship with Jesus. She was sobbing and said that she needed him and that there was no way she could continue the same way.

When we share the Gospel with people, we normally help with the prayer and ask them to repeat after us, but Sergio had Sonya pray herself. She said so many beautiful things and it was plainly evident that she fully understood the Gospel and was surrendering her life to Christ. Please keep Sonya in your prayers as she begins her Spiritual Journey with Christ.

Another woman we met is named Margharita. We spoke for an hour and she received Christ. She was crying afterward because her husband and daughter are gone. We don’t know the details, but she naturally feels very lonely. As a result of her new relationship with Christ, we reminded her that she is never alone and encouraged her that she now has the church, which is not a building but the people of God who are her family in Christ.   

In the afternoon, we ran a Vacation Bible School for the village children, it was a tremendous time. Maria and Jake shared the gospel with the kids while Sergio translated. He said that the children there have not always been receptive and are often restless (sound familiar?). He was impressed by how they listened and answered the questions we asked. Last year we visited this same church, and you may remember the pastor’s son Moses. He was the young man that shared such wise words saying that it didn’t matter what we had in this world, as long as we have a relationship with Jesus that’s all we need. He was in school so we didn’t get to see him, but his sister Hannah and younger brother Misryan assured us that they would tell him we love him and continue to pray for him. 

The past few days have been amazing. Our team continues to build relationships with our Impacto friends. We’re traveling now to Tegucigalpa to join Impacto for their Conferences. Dave will be sharing the message during this time and Jake, Shannon, and Maria will watch the kids and do a bible lesson with them.

 Excited to share more about what God is doing with our team!


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Fernando Oct 27, 2017 6:58pm

It's awesome to read about your trip to Honduras. We will continue to pray for you guys.