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Piscina y Amigos

Posted by Team Leader on

It was the second full day of camp today. Most of our responsibilities as a team revolved around the pool time. While some of us helped with manual labor outside, others went to the pool with the kids.

We learned that these kids come from ghettos; communities with gangs, violence, single or no parents, drug usage, and much more. Camp so far has been the highlight of their year. Most of them cannot swim well, so they need constant supervision in the pool. Our job was to help watch them today, and honestly, we played hard. The picture above is from pool time today. The smiles from those kids make me so happy. 

Our team has been spread throughout the camp most days, doing various things. It makes us realize that we all have spiritual gifts and the Lord uses each of us differently.

The kids ended the night with Mufa Pufa (crazy games). It consisted from tug of war to running games. They have so much energy, even at 9:30 with those games.

It's been another full day! We're excited to see what the Lord continues to do through the counselors, staff, and our team.



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